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 Depends on if you keep visiting this thread and others.  Whatever you do, don't start frequenting this thread, the Alden thread, and the C&J for RL thread.  All of a sudden, you're going to be getting multiple deliveries in the same week, and shopping for your next pair before the last pair arrives!   Fortunately, my Wife indulges my "hobby."  Though, when I bought 2 pair of C&J for RL shell boots and 2 pair of C&J for RL shell shoes all at once during the last sale, she...
Had a nasty bout of the flu followed by sinus infection.  Back at it!  Did 350 since the first of the year.     2141 + 350 = 2491
 I'm late to the party, but based on your descriptions of the fit on AE shoes you have, you will want a 7.5 or 8 in Lindrick.  If you have a high instep, the 7.5 might be too tight.     I've been beating mine to hell this winter.  Basically, they get worn once to twice a week, sometimes to work, and definitely on the weekends.  Out in the snow and slush every time.  They are breaking in very nicely for me.  Here are mine today.         It depends on what you are looking...
83898 + 50 + 50 +50 +150 = 84198 Just catching up from last week.
82840 + 50+60= 82950
82395 + 50 = 82445
82017 + 50 + 50 + 100 = 82217
81288+ 50= 81338
Not on the new site:
+50= 81,208
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