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+1 the balmoral wingtip (Mcallister) or the balmoral punch capote (strand) are both great shoes, very appropriate for suits. Maybe not for an evening affair, but for business wear they work well. Personally I would go burgundy Cambridge and dark brown shell strand, but the calf equivalents are good proxies. The 5th ave is also a great shoe, less adorned than the strand but also slightly more formal due to that.
+60+1500 (60 per wk so far this yr) = 54,880
Thank you, it is good to be seen! Things are great, just very busy, which precludes me from being able to spend much time on the forum. Yes, I choose to use shoe bags, because I typically will wear a pair of shoes once per month or so. The bags, of course, do a good job of keeping the dust off, but they also protect the shoes pretty well, which is important with two little ones running around the house.
Hi all- great to see the increase in activity, I don't post much but still read. Regarding storage, I'm down to 22 pair of shell and 2 pair of calf now, after culling the herd over the past few months. Here's how I store them currently. My boots are on the shelf above my shirts now that it is summer. Those include my brown shell C&J for RL Boots, Aldens and AE Bayfields. On the racks, my loafers and boat shoes are on the top 2 shelves, then I have my laceup dress...
     Those look great!  I've had mine for a year now, and they have had a hard year but look great IMO.  I would't worry about getting them wet - Rancourt doesn't use any product on their shell, so it is less likely that you will get dreaded "welts" when getting the shell wet.  Exhibits a and b: (taken about 3 minutes apart this past Saturday after trudging through the wet yard).      
 Shell will have some inconsistencies in coloration, as mentioned.  See (#8 or "burgundy in AE's lingo) Kenwoods when new (after I removed AE's cream applied at the factory):  Rolls vs Creases (tassel loafers are calf, others are black shell):       
 Reno will help, but I'd also look into getting some Venetian.  I spent the weekend cleaning up my shoes with Venetian, and they looked great afterward.  I use Reno to help remove the original product that AE puts on their shells, but sparingly after that.  
If you're looking for universal wearability, I usually reach for Leeds, Macneils penny loafers or tassel loafers. If you have thought about making the jump to shell cordovan, now would be a good time to give it a shot.Good luck!
3511 + 75 = 3586
Wide or narrow, pull-ups or chin ups. (Overhand or reverse grip) muscle ups too.
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