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Spent some time getting the infamous AE polish / cream / whatever off my new kenwoods. Mid- way through: Naked #8 goodness:
I was eyeing those too, glad someone from the forum got them. The answer is no, AE does not replace the insoles, but they do replace the cork.
Don't get me wrong - the player was a fantastic looking shoe - but a lot of people had fitment issues, and that would really suck to get these great shoes that don't fit you right. No, there are no other options for a short wing blucher from AE (currently)
That will be great - just be aware how the 2 last fits. By default the 2 last is sleek, even narrow. I know I needed to go up a width to get it to fit well. It also may not work that well with a split reverse welt.Not to take a sale away from AE on the AE thread, but if what you want is the marlow wingtip, look into ordering it from some of the forum members. I know some are SAs and can get deals. There are posts over on the C&J for RL thread from some of them.
So I got my kenwoods seconds today. Needed to fill out my loafer rotation I guess. These are being added to my rotation of shell Patrots, Randolphs, boat shoes and tassel loafers. I went down 1/2 size in length and up 1 width. They fit great making these sizing changes. Great shoes - love the beef roll and scalloped tongue, also love the unlined shell cordovan. I think this particular pair has been kicking around the AE warehouses for a while, based on the sole stamp...
 You can get ANY of them in brown shell right now for $505.  The AE CEO made an offer to waive the MTO fee for Styleforum members, and there is a sale going on right now which brings the usual $595 price down to $505.  Pretty sweet deal.   Edit, to answer your question directly: until recently, AE also included brown shell as a stock option for the Dundee, the Park Ave and the Norwich.  
 Shell shoes don't usually have a high shine - more of a "glow."  I work in a business casual environment too- though it sounds like it is more formal than yours.  Typically, I wear dress pants with or without a jacket Mon-Thurs and chinos or even jeans sometimes on Fridays.  I wear most of my shell shoes (except my Park Aves) with most anything.  I have been known to wear my burgundy shell MacNeils and Leeds with jeans frequently.  I will admit that I don't wear my...
 Those look great.  Got me thinking of selling my CXL bayfields and going to shell.  Really like the natural sole edge too.  Nicely done! 
 I almost always wear before treating.  The roughness comes out in some shell shoes, and not in others - I have it in some of my AE shell, some of my Alden shell, and some of my C&J shell.  I have found a damp rag + brushing works on some, reno + brushing works on most, and AE's shell cordovan cream + brushing works on most also.  Just note that the AE cordovan cream also adds color and should be used very sparingly.  Others have had success with Saphir's cordovan creams.  
56861 +100 +100 (last week, forgot to post) = 57061 I too do sets of 12.
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