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Lots of great additions lately, we might hit 100k after all... I need to go back through my workout logs and add my pre- august pull-ups and chins
Mine will be arriving tomorrow. I ordered 1/2 size down Giannis (I.e. 1/2 size down from my marlow wingtips and ptbs, so same size as my tassel loafers). I ordered my lindricks tts (same size as my marlow wingtips and ptbs).
Jcrew pcts
I recommend you maintain a rotation. In related news, Gianni and lindrick on their way to me. Went tts on the lindrick and 1/2 size down on the Gianni. We'll see how it goes.
 beautiful.  Love the brass eyelets on the macneil
Beast.  one-arm pushups, yes... one-arm pullups, not yet. 60620+ 100 = 60720 
59840+100 = 59940
59133+100= 59233
  Re the fit - I think you are on the right track.  You want loafers to be slightly tight and not moving around on your foot when they are new.  They will stretch a bit and fit better as your foot sinks into the cork footbed.  For what it's worth, I wear mine with dress socks or no socks.  I don't bother with loafer socks, since I figure I'm good with foot sweat as long as it's mine.   Re the toe pits.  That's probably why they are seconds.  Unlikely to go away.  I have a...
^^ could be why I didn't receive a response back yet.  Thanks!  Wonder if I could have them just not burnish it... 
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