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Marlow Wednesday for me too!
LOL have the tassels and pennys incoming, that will make my C&J for RL collection up to 7 pair... Was thinking of the Lilconshire but decided Id rather have a second pair of lindricks or Marlow wings if that opportunity ever arises.  
+50 = 57,117
according to the bottom of the post, it was updated 7/9 at 5 pm.  He crossed off the two I just bought.  
+60= 55,945
I have both, plus the Randolphs. The kenwoods are the least formal, the patriot is I the middle, and the Randolph is most formal. The kenwoods I have are shell and are completely unlined and unstructured save for the leather sole, which makes them very slipper like. The patriots I have are also shell, have a little structure on the toe, and are completely lined. From a style perspective, the kenwoods look great when paired with shorts, chinos and jeans (same for the...
... To me! Excellent seller and great to deal with. Thanks Namor!
+1 the balmoral wingtip (Mcallister) or the balmoral punch capote (strand) are both great shoes, very appropriate for suits. Maybe not for an evening affair, but for business wear they work well. Personally I would go burgundy Cambridge and dark brown shell strand, but the calf equivalents are good proxies. The 5th ave is also a great shoe, less adorned than the strand but also slightly more formal due to that.
+60+1500 (60 per wk so far this yr) = 54,880
Thank you, it is good to be seen! Things are great, just very busy, which precludes me from being able to spend much time on the forum. Yes, I choose to use shoe bags, because I typically will wear a pair of shoes once per month or so. The bags, of course, do a good job of keeping the dust off, but they also protect the shoes pretty well, which is important with two little ones running around the house.
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