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Note they are by C&J, on the 240 last rather than the 325 last (as the RL Marlow wingtips are). Unfortunately the 240 just didn't work for my foot, otherwise I would have them too.  Tried TTS and 1/2 size down, I couldn't get a good fit.  Enjoy yours, they are gorgeous! 
Can't identify it - but I'm interested too.  Appears to be on a different last, has a flat 270 degree welt vs. reverse 360 degree welt, and is unlined.  Looks awesome.  
 Interested too.  Got a 40% off coupon in the mail over the weekend.
... and rounding out the week with Lindricks today.  Been beat up pretty well through 2 snowy winters in a weekly rotation, but still look great IMO.     They are on their second set of laces already and need their 3rd.  Does anyone have any insight as to what laces would work with these and provide some additional longevity?    
 NICE - It had been in my cart on the site until about 3 weeks ago -  ultimately couldn't talk myself into it...
 I am a 12D on the brannock device - bordering on 12E.  I wear a 11.5D in Barrie, but depending on the shoe it can be a little tight in the width.  I have size 12D in the RL PTB, wingtip, and tassel loafer, and I went with 11.5D in the Gianni and Lindrick.  All seem to work well (especially after the sole begins to break in).  
4 yr old PTB's yesterday.       Giannis today, cleaned up after their second winter:
+ 45= 61,249
I am into my second summer in mine - they are great.
Yes, and fortunately it is only 75 as a high today.
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