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+ 45= 61,249
I am into my second summer in mine - they are great.
Yes, and fortunately it is only 75 as a high today.
And Lindrick Thursday.
They are on the 325 last, but they only run d widths, I sized mine same as Barrie. Though not shown on the site right now, I would anticipate it might be back for the winter.
+ 50 = 58,554 Did some weighted chins with a 45# plate.
Marlow Wednesday for me too!
LOL have the tassels and pennys incoming, that will make my C&J for RL collection up to 7 pair... Was thinking of the Lilconshire but decided Id rather have a second pair of lindricks or Marlow wings if that opportunity ever arises.  
+50 = 57,117
according to the bottom of the post, it was updated 7/9 at 5 pm.  He crossed off the two I just bought.  
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