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Quote: Originally Posted by unjung How much did Ted Williams pay, and what are his chances of making it back? Alcor's fees, you're looking at about $174,000 for whole body. He probably got a lower rate because of the publicity it generates. His chances? Who the hell knows. Cells, tissues, even whole organs have been thawed but thawing a whole animal depends on future technology.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung Generally speaking, American television programming is utter shite, I think that's fair to say. The educational networks are insanely brutal. TLC should be TVC - The Voyeurism Channel. It's embarrassing, and I can't believe they still find disabled/fat/retarded/short/pregnant fodder who will sign a release anymore. +1 Quote: Originally Posted by ratboycom The Universe was a good show till...
hahaha I was in Odaiba about 3 years ago and just saw a little Statue of Liberty. Would've been sweet to see a 1:1 Gundam.
Quote: Originally Posted by oshinex Whoa that is hot shit. Will there be any more Hermes items?
Used Charvet and used Carrot & Gibbs sold.
Quote: Originally Posted by rogerm I clearly remember the Bamford & Sons sweater when it was at Barneys in San Francisco. It was the first time I had come across Bamford & Sons and swear to god I thought that sweater was the nicest cashmere I had ever come across. The sweater is very basic but the quality is some of the best I had ever come across. the price is incredible for this piece! I have been hoping to come across a Large...good luck ...
Added some new Dior Cannage sunglasses, would make a very nice gift. Drop on RLPL.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas
SeaMonkey, I've shipped your tie. (PS should probably delete your email from your post because of spambots) T&A #6 is also sold, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by intent Pretty sure you need a hard drive to do Netflix. Get a hard drive encasement on eBay, and buy a cheap hard drive to put in it. Presto --- xbox HDD. Or he can buy one at retail, if he's already getting a deal on your xbox 360. He also needs a Netflix subscription. I don't think it works that way.. A memory card would work for Netflix but might as well get a HDD. I think 20GB 360 HDD are ~$25 shipped if you...
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