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Quote: Originally Posted by Warrengardner Offers Quote: Originally Posted by Warrengardner This is not a heavy flannel (thanks to cashmere), but it is flannel and so fall-winter only. Quote: Originally Posted by Warrengardner Make reasonable offer. Come on, you've bumped 4 threads with multiple make an offer posts. By now you know you're not supposed to do that.
Colorado Rockies playoff run in 2007 and this year 8th seed Nuggets beat 1st seed Supersonics Broncos first Super Bowl victory USC-Texas and NYG-NE Super Bowl were good too. Quote: Originally Posted by daft zinedine zidane's volley in the champions league final in 2002 zinedine zidane's performance against brazil in the 2006 world cup michael jordan's 1997 "the flu game" federer vs nadal wimbledon 2008 micky ward vs arturo gatti
Quote: Originally Posted by benjamin831 Lots of problems here, many of which would cost a lot to correct. 1. Shoulders are too large 2. Sleeve pitch too forward 3. Too much fabric at the back 4. Side panels need to be adjusted to accommodate the contours of your front body 5. Trousers need to be re-cut and lengthened +1 Also you'll get more lift if you position your feet into a V.
All ties sold. Left to right, ties are 3 5/8" wide except 4 (3 1/2") and 6 (2 3/8") NWT Charvets 100% silk, made in France, retail $180 1. Brown (with some pewter) with navy butterflies - sold 2. Black with white butterflies - sold 3. Navy with light blue butterflies x 2 - both sold 4. Blue with alternating blue/black squares - sold 5. NWT Valentino 100% silk, made in Italy, retail $155 Burgundy with textured dots - sold 6. NWT Dolce & Gabbana 100% silk, made in Italy,...
Does anyone know if Magic Stretch by Haggar is higher or lower than mainline Haggar? It's machine washable.. Quote: Grey 3 piece with gold buttons 42R (not marked) - $20 Magic Stretch (machine washable) by Haggar Made in America Back length: 31" Shoulder to shoulder: 19" Full sleeve: 34" Sleeve: 26" Back: 21" Chest: 21.5" Waist: 35" Inseam: 28" with a small amount of material to let out Also need rankings on David...
I didn't know Irvin was a tight end.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda that sweater is very nice. too bad about the run but it's a good thing it's reversible so you can just wear the gray side... Didn't think about that. I'm relisting it as a grey sweater at a higher price. I bet someone could fix it. All the yarn is still there, how hard could it be to just reweave it. It's been done with patterned suits which would be way harder..
NWT Bamford & Sons reversible cashmere sweater 100% cashmere, made in Italy size tagged MThis is a hell of a nice sweater, reverses from navy to grey, almost like two sweaters in one the way it's made. I noticed a run near the armpit on the navy side when I started taking pics. I think price reflects that. $1495 retail SOLD Free (pay postage probably < $10) Zegna Soft trousers - Claimed, PM replied 100% cotton, lined to knee, made in Italy size tagged 34, W 33 1/2",...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ Big bag of LOL Did you see the microexpression on Dan's face as he's coming out of the dressing room at 1:23. It was basically "yeesh wtf" That's it!
I've been happy with Prada leather wallets and bags (doubtful about the shoes).
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