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PANTHERELLA Made in England, hand-linked toe, over the calf socks in size Regular (fits most 8-11). For Size Large scroll down to #44. 70% wool (except where indicated as 70% cotton). $20 each, 2 for $38, 3 for $55. Sold to whoever pays first. Includes shipping in US. Everywhere else please add $2 per order and $1 additional per sock. Almost 70 pairs sold, only about 20 pairs left. #2 A-C Grey with small paisley pattern 2 SOLD 1 LEFT #5A-C Grey with geometric strip...
All socks here are sold. Check my other Pantherella thread for current stock.#1 Light grey with navy stripes (70% cotton) SOLD [[SPOILER]] #4 Grey with circles (70% cotton) SOLD [[SPOILER]] #6 Charcoal grey SOLD [[SPOILER]] #8 Navy with crosses SOLD [[SPOILER]] #11 Dark navy with multicolor stripe SOLD [[SPOILER]] #15 Navy textured checkerboard (70% cotton) BOTH SOLD [[SPOILER]] #41A-C Brown with diagonal stripe and flower pattern 3 SOLD [[SPOILER]] #42 Brown with pattern...
Condom?Because that tie WILL GET YOU LAID
Cheesus. Sometimes I want to flip my desk over. 1) I sold a pair of new $400+ MSRP Isaia trousers for $160 shipped. 2) I left on the store tag showing discounted price along with Isaia tag. 3) Buyer complains that I paid $99 for them. 4) Will complain to eBay and PayPal.
No, I forgot to list that one.Here it is. Brooks Brothers. $12 Now Sold [[SPOILER]]
I have a small quantity of golden horn beads.
I preferred it up when I was single. Now that I'm married I leave the seat down. wait wut?
That blowup was classic frenchy There's a thread that says COAT for Saks is made by Boglioli. I'm not sure about that but I bought a pair of trousers at Saks and they're real nice.
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