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Any regulars here wear a size 9 in Allen Edmonds with a WIDE LEFT foot?Found these, left shoe is an E and right is a D. I can wear them with thick socks but I'd like to find these a proper home.I've neglected to thank "RWC" in this thread for the shirts. They are the bomb.
People that ask questions don't buy.When I sell stuff, it's like.. wait what I have a PayPal payment? Sweet Ship. Boom done.I've found this to be true on SF, eBay, Craigslist, GunBroker, garage sale, what have you, etc.
Price drop on these fine ass pantalones.
6mm redwood and what looks like 6mm ebony wood.
Might consider looking at the photos.
Haven't been in weeks and today found squat. Grabbed these Allen Edmonds so I won't leave empty handed.If you want them for what I paid ($9) and shipping let me know.AE Maxfield, 10C, good condition [[SPOILER]]
All US airlines suck.They could improve the experience by hiring young friendly attractive women instead of these rugged gruff old maids.I've only flown JAL once, in business class, and I enjoyed the food. Luckily it wasn't crappy sushi but a typical Japanese breakfast instead. Very clean taste. This was about.. four years ago?
For the same price as a Forschner you could get Calphalon ($30 for chef's knife) - forged, full tang. It's a bit more for the other knives (bread, paring, etc) but $150 is plenty of money. I have an older Calphalon Traditional set I picked up for around a hundred bucks and prefer the solid feel of it much more than a stamped Henckels set I received. No problems putting them up against my Shun but then again I'm not much of a chef.. I just think the stamped Forschner would...
Whew 37 pairs sold so far.. all paid for socks have already shipped - most were shipped last week, a few were shipped today.
Barely used shoe trees from Rochester Shoe Tree Company: "The Clinton shoe tree combines a classic, solid-toe with easy-to-use full cedar hook heel. Rochester solid-toe shoe trees have been setting the standard for the highest quality traditional shoe trees for over 75 years." Two pairs from the Rochester webstore are $48.47 shipped. $30 here. SOLD
New Posts  All Forums: