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This thread just sinks lower each day.
Yeah. Apparently most donated clothes get sent to Africa. A lot of articles have described how it damages the local textile businesses and also creates a dependency, like hand outs..This article offered an interesting and humorous insight.
gets cup of coffee and hits refresh for the next half hour
2, 4-dinitrophenol
Fish in sea like flea on dog, always present but difficult to catch.
That Brooks Brothers has satin lapels. And a center vent. Polo Ralph Lauren has a tuxedo with peak grosgrain lapels. You could close up the side vents. It's $1595 retail but you might be able to find it for less.
I still have some turquoise in 6mm for sale.
Buy matching Kiton tuxedos for everyone.
Take it a step further. Even the "confidence" of "hot confident guy" is based on sex appeal.An unattractive guy would be called "arrogant" but an attractive guy acting the same way is "confident".
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