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Sorry, those have been sold. Please send me a private message for any socks and I'll be able to respond quickly. Thanks.
I'm 38" and wear a medium. My Sunspel tee measures 20" pit to pit so a small would be skin tight.
Superb pents. Really like the fabrics. Maybe just the photos but do the Chan hang cleaner in the back than the Ambrosi in real life? The pleats look a bit neater on the Ambrosi how they don't open as much.
White or gray? Help me decide. I'm getting the phone this weekend. I like the look of the white but heard it gets grimy.
Incotex, Pantherella, Allen Edmonds.
Adding a bunch of socks. Probably the final big update.
This reminds me I was at Best/Worst Buy this week and a lady was asking for a 16GB Retina Pro. The sales associate said that needs to be ordered from Apple because BB preorders were configured 8GB. Then he puts both his arms on his hips and challenges her in a LOUD voice and with an incredulous look on his face: Now WHAT would YOU POSSIBLY need THAT much RAM for?! She physically took a step back, stunned and flustered by the shot and said well I don't see how that's any of...
Recent photos.. come on. Get rid of this already.
PANTHERELLAMade in England, hand-linked toe, over the calf socks in size Regular (fits most 8-11).For Size Large scroll down to #44.70% wool unless otherwise indicated as (70% cotton)$20 each, 2 for $38, 3 for $55. Sold to whoever pays first. Includes shipping in US. Everywhere else please add $2 per order and $1 additional per sock.Another batch of Pantherella loaded - the last load.#19 Navy with vertical pattern 1 left#29A-B Brownish green/tan stripes (70% cotton) 1...
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