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Make that 31 for me. And other staples. I have enough of the pistachio green Incotex trousers with suede trim and cargo pockets.
Do you mind elaborating on that 10k budget?I looked at some cost of living websites (geared toward white collar expats I assume) and the figures started at 10k for a basic apartment..I'm curious in the remote chance that I take a position in Beijing.
Be honest with the prof. and the Ph.D.s. Tell them in person that you appreciate the opportunity/mentoring but you're set on CS. The fact that you're minoring in CS and have done the work to catch up demonstrates your keen interest in CS. You say that you owe it to them but quite frankly undergrads take a lot more than they give. Undergrads require significant time to train and their output will rarely contribute to grants or papers. Depending on the institution,...
Your width is more important.Yes.Two adults on a full size is equivalent to each sleeping in a crib.Your occasional sleeping partner might turn into a frequent sleeping partner in the future. I would get at least a queen if not a king. You've already got the queen so might as keep it.
4 years later.. things did not turn out as planned.I slaved as a research fellow about 60 hours/week for almost two years.I then worked as a consultant about 25 hours/week for a year. Earned more money than I did as a fellow and really sharpened up my skiing. I'm currently at a university working conservatively 80 hours/week. Have not seen the sun in a while.My goal is to work 55 hours/week next year once I've settled in and keep whittling it down.
Two questions about wool fabric for Ed and others.What are some good alternatives to worsted wool? (I have flannel, tweed, and linen coats.)I've noticed some of my wool pants wrinkle after just a few minutes and require a lot of maintenance while others stay smooth and wrinkles fall right out with steam. Really bugs me.I'll try to take a closer look at them later but for now what are the kinds of wool fabrics that resist wrinkles?
It's a sport coat. I need some new shirts. Thanks for the comments.
Yesterday, not particularly tasteless. To the standard defense I will add that half my clothes are still in cardboard wardrobe boxes.
A lot to like but I don't find this square tasteful. It looks like something Umbro would give away.
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