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Would take pics but it's in the pocket which is still basted shut, NWT my friend.wat?
Found a NWT Zegna jacket (navy wool, patch pocket, duo fabric) in 48/38 for $5. Inside the pocket was a Rolex GMT wut?
It is irritating but I'm moving next year, possibly overseas, so I'll keep this dining room closet for several more months.Good closets will be a top priority in looking for a new place!
How about a walk-in dining room?View from living room.. [[SPOILER]]
Same here.
This was neat. http://www.styleforum.net/t/121126/my-shoe-rotation-and-handmade-bespoke-burmese-teak-wood-shoe-cabinet/0_100
I use the cedar racks by Woodlore (?). Currently have 8 racks (2 stacks of 4 each) for my shoes.Relatively cheap but not the best solution. Shoes get dusty. Dirt from the top shoe falls through the open racks to the bottom shoe. They're bending under the weight of heavy shoes with full shoe trees. They don't accommodate boots.Adjustable shelves in a closet would be better if I had the space.I can see how the toes would hang over the edge. Clever solution.
Have not read thread. Watching Season 2 because nothing else on Netflix. Show is dreadful. Rooting for the walkers.
Make that 31 for me. And other staples. I have enough of the pistachio green Incotex trousers with suede trim and cargo pockets.
Do you mind elaborating on that 10k budget?I looked at some cost of living websites (geared toward white collar expats I assume) and the figures started at 10k for a basic apartment..I'm curious in the remote chance that I take a position in Beijing.
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