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What do you mean?I'm an M.D./Ph.D./D.Sc. but sometimes I think I should've taken that Navy SEAL slot they offered me. Or that modeling contract.
Who the heck pays interest??Wife got a targeted AMEX offer, 50,000 bonus points, first year fee waived. I'm not too familiar with HSBC. What do they offer?Bank of America DEBIT is quite good for getting cash from ATMs.And of course Capital One CREDIT doesn't charge the 3% foreign transaction fee (2.7% for AMEX).The 1-2-3 is OK. 1% everyday, 2% grocery, 3% gas.My local Walmart codes as a grocery so that's helpful sometimes.The Chase Rewards has been nerfed. Used to be 5% on...
Yeah Aqua Terra is a bit boring and standard issue.I'll look at the Capitan and actually the Dual Time in person (like everything but the bracelet in pics).Unaware of Habring, will read up. Capeland is 44mm so no go.Longines was also on the map but I only saw the Heritage Chrono in person. I'd want a bracelet for sweat/water so Conquest Heritage might not work.Thanks.
I'm looking for a single watch I can wear in the pool/river/ocean but still wear with jacket/tie. Realized this while on vacation. Omega Aqua Terra mid size 38.5mm seems to fit my wrist well and I like the idea of the 8500 coaxial. Would want to get some straps for non-sport. Anyone wear theirs on a strap? Can't believe how much Omega cost now and the connection to 007 is silly but not enough to dissuade me. Any others in the range I should consider? Not keen on desk...
I keep those swatches (and (leftover) buttons) in a small drawer. Handy for reweaving damage to your jacket or trousers. Interesting fabric by the way. Should post a fit pic
^^ That Sammy looks terrific. Do you typically get those diagonal creases on your shirts near the collar bone?No, wasn't mine, but I appreciate that. Typical Oxxford cut, the most conservative that I have. Worn for srs bzns.(PS those plaid trousers )
Participated in commencement today. Gap in the overcoat collar wasn't there in real life.
The bold highlighted part makes it clear to anyone who's not a pedant.Fuck that noise. OP should just keep playing video games.
I don't know the history behind buttons but I prefer moderate thickness. The thickness tends to get in the way of buttoning at some point. I have a couple of Fray shirts which must have the most ridiculously thick buttons in history, like hard nipples. Entertaining but pointless. The buttons I mean.
Cheesus. I want everything you're selling. Except that Chesterfield. Too big.
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