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Thanks. You've surmised correctly. I've dug through various other forums and have done homework but the surprise Skype interview is news to me. That could be ugly if one's not prepared. Did you take the sales job?
Any general advice for upcoming phone interview for faculty position?
Dear Man of Lint, I have a pair of Incotex white cotton trousers. I wore them out to a sports bar only to suffer great embarrassment after a moment of indiscretion related to fish tacos. What's worse, I'm afraid that these fine trousers have been dealt a death sentence.
Gone skiing. Back next Sunday 3/11
Nice one Alan. Garment bags, hangers, shoe trees - the under-appreciated necessities of thrift.Some discount store bragging. Not enough of that in this thread.You guys have probably seen these funky Isaia shoes around. $63 down from $400. [[SPOILER]] Got this Jil Sander navy pea coat from Saks. Tagged some crazy size but fits like a 38/48 Three hundo and change down from $2k. [[SPOILER]] And from the thrift store.First tie is old Polo Ralph Lauren, cashmere. Second tie is...
Is this still the thrift/discount store bragging thread?
It was a cheap refresher lesson. $135.Yup, most recently for Switzerland, brieflyDELIVERED ABROADFeb-24-12, 14:30 PM, SWITZERLAND..........Dispatched to Sort FacilityFeb-16-12, 19:47 PMEarlier when I said First Class customs # is hit or miss I meant that you would enter that number into the destination country's postal site and sometimes you get information (learned this from a certain spaghetti aficionado on SF).It used to work but I just tried with Canada, Deutsche,...
Yeah, the customs form # on Priority seems pretty good about tracking all the way to local delivery so I think it's a fairly safe option. A recent package showsDELIVERED ABROADFeb-08-12, 19:25 PM, JAPANCustoms clearance processing completeFeb-07-12, 13:35 PMCustoms ClearanceFeb-07-12, 09:00 AMProcessed Through Sort FacilityFeb-06-12, 15:46 PMProcessed Through Sort FacilityFeb-03-12, 16:13 PM, ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS)Arrived at Sort FacilityFeb-03-12, 16:08 PM, ISC SAN...
Long story short - don't ship valuables by First Class International on eBay. It's not tracked to delivery and the buyer will win a case against you every single time.
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