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Any general advice for upcoming phone interview for faculty position?
Dear Man of Lint, I have a pair of Incotex white cotton trousers. I wore them out to a sports bar only to suffer great embarrassment after a moment of indiscretion related to fish tacos. What's worse, I'm afraid that these fine trousers have been dealt a death sentence.
Gone skiing. Back next Sunday 3/11
Nice one Alan. Garment bags, hangers, shoe trees - the under-appreciated necessities of thrift.Some discount store bragging. Not enough of that in this thread.You guys have probably seen these funky Isaia shoes around. $63 down from $400. [[SPOILER]] Got this Jil Sander navy pea coat from Saks. Tagged some crazy size but fits like a 38/48 Three hundo and change down from $2k. [[SPOILER]] And from the thrift store.First tie is old Polo Ralph Lauren, cashmere. Second tie is...
Is this still the thrift/discount store bragging thread?
It was a cheap refresher lesson. $135.Yup, most recently for Switzerland, brieflyDELIVERED ABROADFeb-24-12, 14:30 PM, SWITZERLAND..........Dispatched to Sort FacilityFeb-16-12, 19:47 PMEarlier when I said First Class customs # is hit or miss I meant that you would enter that number into the destination country's postal site and sometimes you get information (learned this from a certain spaghetti aficionado on SF).It used to work but I just tried with Canada, Deutsche,...
Yeah, the customs form # on Priority seems pretty good about tracking all the way to local delivery so I think it's a fairly safe option. A recent package showsDELIVERED ABROADFeb-08-12, 19:25 PM, JAPANCustoms clearance processing completeFeb-07-12, 13:35 PMCustoms ClearanceFeb-07-12, 09:00 AMProcessed Through Sort FacilityFeb-06-12, 15:46 PMProcessed Through Sort FacilityFeb-03-12, 16:13 PM, ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS)Arrived at Sort FacilityFeb-03-12, 16:08 PM, ISC SAN...
Long story short - don't ship valuables by First Class International on eBay. It's not tracked to delivery and the buyer will win a case against you every single time.
Too AmJack.Writes the same way too.no capitalization,no space after comma,no period at the endYeah. Hi Frenchy. Not that I care.Back on topic. [[SPOILER]]
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