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Same way I feel about tie swap boxes.Either way you're digging through other people's garbage.
It was in fact today.
Department secretary told me I have an appointment for Tuesday March 29. Won't answer the phone to clarify. I've been waiting for this meeting all day. Cleared my whole schedule around it. I now think it's on Thursday.
eBay's decision: no refund. The buyer left me positive feedback with good comments. I think it's best for me to not leave feedback. Or I could leave the positive and just say "fast payment, thanks" which is true. My standard comment is "smooth transaction. great eBayer. thank you very much." but this was an ordeal and I don't think he's a good eBayer. He's better off shopping retail. Suggestions?
6 ties sold. Thanks. All paid for ties were shipped today.
So get this.I listed this shirt as a dress shirt on eBay. The alternative is to list it as a casual shirt.Buyer has filed a dispute because he says it's not a dress shirt, it's a sport shirt. He says the buttons are thinner and the gusset is not white fabric and the collar is different compared to his shirt. I guess he's blind because I provided the following photos. Or am I insane?
Got dressed in a rush this morning. Noticed when I got home that it's all patterned but doesn't look too bad. What does the peanut gallery say.
eBay can see all eBay messages related to a dispute and does know that he received the pants.The eBay representative I called said that he doesn't have to but will as a "one time courtesy" and as a "learning experience" refund my fees on that sale. I was not given a refund of PayPal fees however.This means that you can sell something on eBay, have the buyer get a refund of purchase and shipping, admit that they got the item, and still lose the refund and the item and pay...
Some used ties from $10 and up, all are in good condition. Shipping outside US add $2 per tie.More ties and lower prices.Robert Talbott Best of Class, 3 3/4" wide, 100% silk, made in USA $15 each (middle tie SOLD)Robert Talbott, 3 3/4", 100% silk, made in USA $15 awesome slubby silk---- SOLD tiesJ Press, 3 7/16" wide, 100% silk, made in Ireland $12 - appears NWOT SOLD [[SPOILER]] Charvet, 3 5/8", 100% silk, made in France $25 (delicate weave, may have a tiny pull in spots...
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