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A turquoise bracelet will be $210 shipped. These are from Sleeping Beauty Mine, one of the top quality turquoise mines in the world.I've been shooting with a Canon 50mm macro. I'm not much of a photographer so it's hard to do some of these beads justice. The turquoise is something else in person.
The yellow blue tiger eye is still sold out. It's supposed to be in stock this month... Also, I'm making a genuine turquoise bracelet for someone. Beautiful robin's egg blue..
Actually they glide to reduce creasing on shoes that come out of hermetic storage once a year.This leads to more sole wear which is countered by Topy.Some glide for other reasons.. read.
First thing that came to mind. Not just him but his whole fraternity if I remember the story right.
Alright. No one else has said anything so I gotta be the asshole.Burn those shorts.What's going on at the shoulders??Nice pics, fantastic mannequin. Love how you put the pants and shoe like that!Guess I was one of the few who liked it better when the table and shelves weren't so bare. Maybe put a couple items back?Would look good with a crystal decanter and tumblers, maybe something vintage made from tortoise shell, a table lighter (maybe not since you don't want to imply...
It gets better. Bay says THEY'RE NOT EVEN TEENAGE. ASS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 0/4 Adult Aliens. This sums it up. See the rest here.
WTF THEY ARE ALIENS Aliens ALIENS AREN'T MUTANTS ALIENS AREN'T TURTLES CAN ALIENS BE NINJAS? Fine they can be teenagers. So Michael Bay has brought us Teenage Aliens. ASSHOLE
If I'm taking a suit or sport coat I'll wear it on the plane with my big boy shoes.Casual clothes are smaller and lighter so they fit more easily into a carry on.If checking a bag, they're also less expensive in case it gets lost and less critical in case it gets delayed.Plus a flight attendant will hang the coat for me so that's less wrinkles than packing.Looks good, feels good.My wife suffers from dry eye and wearing glasses helps. Cabin atmosphere is quite dry. They...
Grabbed a pair of Brooks Brothers braces. I think the summer slowdown is here. Bunch of shorts and t-shirts on the racks.Damn dude.You sent an invoice at the end of the auction? Don't do that. They already get an email from eBay with the total to pay. It's annoying when I get an item and have three or four messages from eBay saying CONGRATULATIONS!!1, I won, and I need to pay, and from the seller with an invoice.You sent another one on Wednesday? Don't do that. They...
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