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Sorry I haven't been on the forum for a few weeks. Replied to all PMs. Happy turkey day!
Great pics everyone.Sorry I must have missed this PM. I'm still making them.
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I've spent enough time on this forum to know we have enough guys to crank out 1,000,000 milliliters. The average ejaculate is 3 milliliters so just go with that number. 0 + 3 = 3
What's the point of bookshelves? Anything I want to read is at the public or university library for checkout. Let them deal with storage. The borrowed books end up on the toilet, coffee table, or nightstand for a few weeks and get replaced with new ones. Other times I'll buy a book from Goodwill for a buck, read it, and toss it in the donation bin. Will each book among the hundreds or thousands you display get read again within say the next decade?
I'll need to see a selfie of your tits to check if they're fake or not. Thanks.
Closed on a house yesterday. It doesn't seem to need much work being 5 years old. I'm watering some sod and attempting to fill a bunch of nail holes in the dry wall for the first time.
I prefer the smaller, sometimes slightly off-kilter ones. They look more natural than the huge perfectly symmetrical ones. The same can be said for tie dimples.
Thank you! That was driving me nuts.It looked like either a goose or a sting ray to me. I assumed it was up to interpretation but clearly it's a goose now.Makes a nice paper weight.
I found this cool stainless steel sculpture for my desk. Now I'm curious about who made it. Can anyone make out what it says?
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