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Is the movie aimed at children too?
  I just think the Nolan version would be more true to life.  Similar to how the batmobile is more military and functional than previous versions.
Remember the speech has to talk about the couple as well, not just yours and hers relationship.  Especially considering the gender reversal situation.
Gorgeous bike.... didn't Norton recently come back?    
I had no idea that was Alfred Molina.  Amazing!
  Catwoman looks terrible.  If she's a cat burglar why is she wearing heels?  And a villain with a big sci-fi bomb?  Rather it was a more street level threat like Joker was.  
That was my first brand... hated getting the bits in my mouth though.
Take up boxing, builds muscle and discipline: a winning combination.
I never understood the VAT reimbursment... it's not like it's tourists and yer not trying to piss them off.
I have ginger hair so am not too concerned about losing it.  I actually think I'd look good bald, but look terrible with ginger fuzz.
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