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Tubby Smith doesn't disappoint often either.
Quote: Originally Posted by pejsek I went to see Jesse Jackson speak in the Western Addition yesterday and, my, did he ever look terrible--like he had swapped clothes with Dan Burton or something (ill-fitting blue blazer, nondescript off-white shirt, big gut). I recently saw Gavin Newsom walking around with his cuff buttons undone. WLB would never descend to such depths; the turned back shirt cuff over the jacket is something from an entirely more...
Now Willie is showing off here!
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Neither am I, but it is SF. We have to give him a little leeway. And that pic is from a Gay parade. Very casual outing. This one below might be my favorite.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I'm not sure about those open cuffs. Willie being casual yet oh so cool.
Sorry LabelKing, I'm not trying to steal your thunder but Willie Brown is my sartorial hero!
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 Noah is obnoxious and a childish whiner. I am disappointed to see him end up on the Bulls. No. Noah is a winner, has class, is genuine, well spoken, and seems very humble. The Bulls who are still struggling to find a face for the franchise post-Jordan era may have found one with Noah. Don't get me wrong the Bulls are a great up and coming team but there are no personalities on the team that are compelling...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac I distinctly remember greg anthony, pippen, mourning and modern day michael jordan wearing stereotypically horrible looking NBA MTO suits. I don't remember what kind of suits Hakeem wore. MJ definitely set the entire baller in a suit trend, but he has fallen off very hard I certainly don't ever remember Pippen or Greg Anthony wearing "horrible looking NBA MTO suits." I know for certain Pippen has been...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac i think the best NBA dresser is Lebron. He wears clothes that fit. he'll wear loafers and a blazer. He has the right sunglasses on. I haven't seen him yet with the jeans and one shirt flap untucked look, and haven't seen him with any more than 3 buttons on his jacket, usually 2. although I haven't seen everything he ever wore. I think you should check out Alonzo Mourning. Mourning wears suits most of...
Quote: Originally Posted by ABALO I would prefer Gomez or Delos as well... But you compare shoes at 350 € to bespoke models worth around 2 500 €... I agree totally. I wish we could get Altan shoes in the U.S.!! By the way, beautiful shoes.
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