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Quote: Originally Posted by drake A lot of complains in this thread, especially considering he looks better than 99% of the people in WAYWT. I couldn't have said it better myself!!!!! We're on the same frequency! Some folks seemingly feel if they get a suit made by such and such that they are "on time" with their suit but that isn't the case. Mory Koba has style and I think he looks stunning!
I hope your suits are available in sizes 50L and 52L. That's all. Some big guys like to have a little style too!
I am a size 50L-52L jacket and 40-42 waist. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good on-line source or a store willing to let me mail-order suits in this size range? My budget is $500 - $800. I hardly see anything on Ebay that is my size let alone that I think looks good and I hardly see anything in stores in my city that fits me that a young man would wear.
Just curious. What's the price range of the Vass U-last shoes in U.S. dollars at these company's whose website has been posted or should I contact Eiko Trausch directly?
Fonzworth Bentley “Can this be the dawning of a new Fonz? As hip hop’s self-appointed Emily Post-in-embryo points out, manners not only count, they can open doors. For a culture groomed on celebrity, cell phones, and fast food, Master Fonzworth’s words of advice are both timely and thoughtful. While a thoroughly entertaining read, taken seriously, Swagger could turn any sow’s ear into a silk purse, any frog into a prince.” –Alan Flusser, author, president...
I too have seen some of their offerings that left much to be desired but the shoes that are at the link that was posted IMO show some incredibly handsome shoes (not all of them but some are really beautiful).
Aren't Artioli shoes carried by Korshak?
Beautiful shoes.
I often ask women about their opinions regarding shirt/tie combinations b/c I have a hard time picking out a tie that will pop with a shirt and suit. I don't wear dark colored ties. Now when it comes to shoes, suits, dress slacks, odd jackets, etc. I can handle that.
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