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New Antra or Dark Grey Plain Napoli Suit from Suitsupply in a size 46R. Save $50.00!
I'm 6-0, 230 lbs and I recently purchased a size 46R in the dark grey Napoli. It fit me with no problems.
After losing 110 lbs since Feb. of 2010, I finally bought a new suit. I bought the dark grey plain Napoli in a size 46R. This suit is incredible for the price!!!!!! It's lovely. I think I'll be buying another suit before the end of this week. Pics coming soon!! Oh, and don't worry guys I don't wear my old suits anymore at all LOL! I've sold and/or given them away.
I'm interested in the Napoli. I typically wear a 46R, should I size up to a 48R in this model too?
Is the overcoat made bigger in the arms to allow for comfort if wearing a suit underneath?
Well, I'm not really looking for a consensus. Rather I'm looking for direction.
Which Italian suit label is thought of as being the best bargain from a price, style, and construction point of view? Thanks in advance.
Pink, purple, or orange colored shirt should go well with that.
I don't know your size but try this link. I think it's a good price.$1595-CHARCOAL-PEAK-LAPEL-SLIM-FIT-42R_W0QQitemZ120363144329QQcmdZViewItem
Quote: Originally Posted by mert54 I want crazy colors/patterns etc... but I still want slim so, I could potentially look somewhat modern and cool, even if I'm wearing pink pants. The Ralph Lauren website might have what you need. I picked up a pair of bright orange corduroy pants a few weeks ago.
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