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Thanks, sounds like a good option.
They do the complete recrafting, putting in new cork etc etc ?     I seem to recall reading that they have a Goodyear welting machine there.   I didn't go upstairs and take the tour when I was there, if I get another chance I'll see if they are amenable.
Where did you guys get those ?   Just wondering, thanks !
Mr. Luzer,   Just curious about the Quoddys.  So Alden makes, or has made in the past, modified last shoes for them ?   How do I learn more about this ?   Thanks !   BTW I see that New Balance (also sold by Moulded) has a similar last, the SL-2, and that they have some boat shoe models now.   Also, are those special shoe trees that you use for the ML ?  Or just regular Alden shoe trees.   I am new to this but have 4 pair so far. One black split-toe acquired...
I happened to talk to Rafael at Moulded yesterday and those Kudu Indy Boots have finally gone into production, after a year and a half.   How many people are still in on that order ?   Just curious.
I've read through this thread a few times over the last several months. So whatever happened ? Just wondering, I was perusing the list of "already closed" orders from Moulded and saw this, is it your order ? 
Been there!  
Hi, just wondering, where did you get the fabric and how much is needed for each shirt?      
Looks like those are longer coats.  I realize that what you have is what you have, but a sportscoat in 100% cashmere would be welcome!   I am currently a 48L if that helps.  
That'd be great, the 48L fits my chest perfect but is a smidge too wide for my shoulders.  Like that you mean?   He does look rather snappy, I must say.
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