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Something else I forgot to mention -- I stopped by Anatomica in Paris in May.  They were so nice there.  Unfortunately, I had some plantar fasciitis and anything that touched my foot hurt!   Sorry this pic is a little blurry.
Moulded had a couple of dozen pair of "open orders" for a couple of years that would very slowly get added to production one by one.  Then suddenly Alden accepted all the open orders at once and so all the orders were suddenly closed.  They have a couple of open orders currently.  Rafael is thinking about putting together a mailing list for those interested so they can order when they open a new style.  I got caught out short when all those orders were accepted at once and...
Also, thinking about going up to Springline in Northampton and having some lasts made.  Not sure where to go after they are done, probably one of the more affordable internet custom shoe companies.   Thing is, I don't trust my own ability to get accurate foot measurements as some of these companies request, per their instructions.     Thanks !
Hi everyone,   Taking my first trip to the UK and Europe for a few weeks in May,  and I thought I would take the opportunity to do some shopping.  I mainly have shoes in my sights.   I have a high instep and a narrow heel, so I have been wearing Alden "Modified Last" shoes.   I'm wondering if any of the UK (many brands!) or Spanish (Carmina, Meermin, Mezlan) use a last that is similar to the Alden Modified.  Looking for something in the price range of AE,...
Thanks, sounds like a good option.
They do the complete recrafting, putting in new cork etc etc ?     I seem to recall reading that they have a Goodyear welting machine there.   I didn't go upstairs and take the tour when I was there, if I get another chance I'll see if they are amenable.
Where did you guys get those ?   Just wondering, thanks !
Mr. Luzer,   Just curious about the Quoddys.  So Alden makes, or has made in the past, modified last shoes for them ?   How do I learn more about this ?   Thanks !   BTW I see that New Balance (also sold by Moulded) has a similar last, the SL-2, and that they have some boat shoe models now.   Also, are those special shoe trees that you use for the ML ?  Or just regular Alden shoe trees.   I am new to this but have 4 pair so far. One black split-toe acquired...
I happened to talk to Rafael at Moulded yesterday and those Kudu Indy Boots have finally gone into production, after a year and a half.   How many people are still in on that order ?   Just curious.
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