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That jacket has patch pockets, which are SF-approved on sport coats and casual suits. Nothing wrong with them, but they're not appropriate for formal businesswear.
I'm in Canada as well and have had trouble acquiring AEs at a reasonable price – Harry Rosen carries them but I've never seen them go on sale there. Ordering direct from AE results in a shipping charge of around $40USD, and factoring in whatever customs/duty they apply at the border, it's probably cheaper to get them at HR even if they're on sale from AE.    My advice is to try them on at HR and determine you size, and then find that size on eBay. If anyone other...
I attended their travelling tailor event in Vancouver last year and ended up returning the suit and free shirt - I really wanted to like them, but neither the suit nor shirt fit properly, and the shirt sleeves were shorter than the jacket sleeves even though they were presumably working from a single measurement of my arms... They were really accommodating about the return, though, to their credit.
    I agree with this, actually - in the same way people can tell a nice suit from a cheap, ill-fitting one.
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