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Anyone familiar with a good technique to wash/soak the denim without it shrinking too much? (i mean leangth-wise, the inseam. i guess if they get skinnier they will just stretch out with time again)
hang in there, gonna end up perfect. Was like this for me with my pair of PS, the only negative thing though is that a crotch blow out is pretty much guaranteed within the first 6 months. I thought i was really careful with mine, but natural damages started to appear and one day, bam. It's fixed since about a month back now and seems solid!
My pair is about that length as well, I went to the store in london after about a month (as they told me) to have them cut precisely after my length (they asked me to wear the shoes I normally wear etc, so i guess since he's in socks that makes a difference as well). Anyways they told me that's what you should do after you've given them enough stretch (therefore wait ~ 1 month) so I wouldn't worry if I was him.  
*double post* Found this thread http://www.styleforum.net/t/271020/denim-leg-twist-thoughts And they really sorted out this "problem" or what ever I should call it.
So I shouldnt try and like twist it myself all the time to eventually make it fit that way, it'll just happen by itself?
Anyone else have the problem that one of the legs (right one) is twisted? So down by the foot, the outer seam is almost placed on the front?
I'm selling these brand new Ray-Ban Outdoorsman II shades because my sister bought them for me and they are too big for my head. Size: 62mm   Color: Faded brown State: Brand new, never been used.   Original Price: 145 USD   My Price: 110 USD Shipping Included If you do not like my offer, please PM me a new offer and I'll see if we can make a deal.
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