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And Sandro still hasn't replied
Damn this buckle business is shitty. So I went to a watch repair place and got the pin. But when I put it in, I didn't know the pin was suppose to go inside the hook. So I tried taking it out and now my the stretchy part is fringed and the hook is not on the pin and I still don't have a pair of functional double monks...
Do you know where I can buy these pins?
So this is the pins inside. I emailed Sandro. Let's see what he says. Id rather just fix it here in nyc than send it back to Spain.
The buckle part of my double monks fell off today. I just got them and haven't even worn them yet. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? It looks like the pin inside isn't long enough.
ok thanks. should I contact sns or haberdash?
anyone else have problems with the sns naval sweaters? I bought one in bordeaux/cream from haberdash and washed it once and the bordeaux bled all over the sweater. It now has a pinkish hue to it.
anyone willing to proxy me a wine tote bag and a market bag or the kinfolk bag from the apolis sale?
do you guys have a store front? I wanna try on one of your wool bombers of oliver spencer but not sure how it fits...
 Idk about nike, you could try contacting them or try buying an employee pass off of someone. Kinfolk is pretty easy to get into. just stop on by or you can contact them earlier to meet with nathan. Ive been there a couple times and both times I just kinda dropped by.
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