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did you happen to see any xs or s? also any blankets? I bought a blanket last year and love it. Want another one.
can anyone recommend a light weight leather jacket? I'm usually a size small but need the arm lengths of an extra small... damn my short arms.
got my first rip on my rogues that weren't on the crotch area.   
Anyone know when Ikkon is getting new stuff? Bought some ovadia and sons stuff of their sale but didn't realize it was final sale with the code. Didn't see the bold lettering on the picture but I read the return policy and that I was good to go if the stuff didn't fit. But they are letting me return the stuff for store credit. Not sure if I should just try to sell the stuff or accept store credit.   Also anyone know anything about Kuro? I might pick up the denim jacket...
Selling this blazer from Billy Reid. http://www.ikkon.com/sale/sale-jackets/walton-dunlap-blazer.html   Brand new and only been worn to try on. Its a little big on me. Still has the tags on.
Selling a pair of these chinos.  http://www.ikkon.com/sale/jordan-chinos-36590.html I bought them and they are a little too big. They are brand new and only been worn to see how they fit and still have the tags on them. 
And Sandro still hasn't replied
Damn this buckle business is shitty. So I went to a watch repair place and got the pin. But when I put it in, I didn't know the pin was suppose to go inside the hook. So I tried taking it out and now my the stretchy part is fringed and the hook is not on the pin and I still don't have a pair of functional double monks...
Do you know where I can buy these pins?
So this is the pins inside. I emailed Sandro. Let's see what he says. Id rather just fix it here in nyc than send it back to Spain.
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