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anyone willing to proxy me a wine tote bag and a market bag or the kinfolk bag from the apolis sale?
do you guys have a store front? I wanna try on one of your wool bombers of oliver spencer but not sure how it fits...
 Idk about nike, you could try contacting them or try buying an employee pass off of someone. Kinfolk is pretty easy to get into. just stop on by or you can contact them earlier to meet with nathan. Ive been there a couple times and both times I just kinda dropped by.
has anyone used otter wax or shinola? 
Are those in Hiro?
do you guys think the LM line is worth the extra 100 dollars or so? I'm debating on getting the burgundy single monk or the country tan double monks in the classic collection. I want the sleekness of the olfe last but if hire isn't too much wider, I would probably get the double monks.    I have a pair of the suede loafers on the ron last and if the hiro is the same width as the ron last, I'd probably go with the double monks
do you know where I can get some of that in the city? Would rather just go and pick it up somewhere...
i love how gentry updates their stock online with in store though. When I went in store, they actually have the stuff listed available online. Plus their was a cute korean girl working there today.
Sad that I missed this... Sometimes I wish I was back in portland. and to the guy that said go to seattle, just stay in portland! There's so much to do there. 
if anything self edge has like 10% once in a while but with the st-120x I would just buy them when you see them. They seem to go out of stock often.
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