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Do you guys know how the returns go? I found a pair of sunglasses I wanted but I know for a fact that store only allows returns for store credit. If I order on far fetch and return through far fetch would it go back on the card?
Which ones did you see? also how big do they run? I have a larger head....
How long was the wait?!
Right now I'm in my first year of school (end of my first year) and plan on being in school for 6 more years. I get subsidized loans for 6k a year and pay the rest out of pocket (about 1.5k). Im not sure how much grad school will cost yet but probably a lot (and probably will get a lot more scholarships and financial aid than right now). I also work and make around 60k a year. Im able to save around 10k a year. Im putting the max contributions into a roth ira and saving...
Thanks!Which backpack?
anyone seen any haerfest or want les essentiel backpacks on sale in just black? Or something similar
I just got caught in the rain and my lamb skin got soaked. Is there anything I should do to take care of it?
when i left they had some light blue suede slip ons which I see at every sample sale. Also they had burgundy combat boots in 42. Regret not getting them but were too big.
I may be able to help depending how difficult it is. My Koreans not the best since I was born in the states but it's on the better than most Korean Americans. What's your email?
i bought a pair of double monk marc mcnairys a year or so ago but they are the most uncomfortable shoes. They're like a black pebble grain.  Any one have any ideas to make them wearable? I've added insoles but then they get too tight.
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