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Got my fifth avenue's in record time and the seller was responsive to all my questions.  Would definitely use AAS again.
Despite everybody ignoring my noob questions , I was able to get in touch with the shoe bank and place and order for the strands in walnut and the Clifton's in black 8.5D.  Hopefully the blemishes won't be too noticeable.
What is the shoe bank?
I just got my first pair of AEs today in the mail - a pair of brown Fifth Avenue's 8.5E.  I'm a little unsure of the width though.  I had tried on a pair of PA in 8.5 D at the store and the left foot felt great but the right was a little tight.  After reading on SF that many people go down a half size and up a width on the 5 last I went with the 8.5E (I'm normally a size 9).  Now I am concerned the E is a bit too wide.   Should I have stuck with the D?  Will it...
pm sent
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