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thanks Gagno905! appreciate it.
Hey Guys,   New to the board and having seen our name here, i just wanted to clarify some things.   CLEARLY we are new to the online retail game. This we don't deny. Since we opened our doors over 2 years ago, we've really tried to establish ourselves as the leading menswear boutique in Ottawa and focus on our customers here. Our stylings, window displays, and overall merchandising in the shop prove that. For anyone who's been here, you can attest to...
Ottawa is alive and well on this forum. Nice to see!!    If you haven't been by our little boutique yet guys, please come by and say hi.   We're trying to do something different for the city and pride ourselves on carrying high quality and unique pieces for men. Brands like Wings+Horns and 18Waits really set the bar high and offer a reason to get out of the mall every once in a while. Always down to connect with new like minded individuals in Ottawa, drop us...
We all know that Ottawa clearly isn't a fashion leader, but at the same time it isn't as bad as people make it out to be.   We are a Boutique in the downtown core that specializes in high-end Menswear. We do carry Wings+Horns, as well as 18Waits, Levis Best Of Red Tab, and various others.   401 Dalhousie St @ Rideau.   Also checkout Wolf & Zed for shoes, The Modern Store, Road Trip, Victoire and others. 
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