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  You do realize that's a non-constructive statement right?
Is it even possible to square the shoulders on a jacket?
Here's the problem, I have crazy square shoulders… no squarer than you're imagining right now… nope squarer still… envision classic RoboCop… that kinda square.   As a result, every off the rack jacket is basically unwearable. If I do up the button the shoulders jack way up off mine, the collar lifts 2-3" away from my neck and there's all sorts of unsightly distortions going on all over the place.   What my wardrobe really lacks is a couple of casual cotton...
Budget depends on the shoe, casual vs dress, welted or not, the type of leather, and of course how sexy it is ;) The availability is more of an issue than the price though. AE has lots of options, and the prices aren't bad when they're on sale… but I still can't try most of them on, and then if I get them at a trunk sale I'm still stuck waiting for the moon to do an orbit before I get them!
Harry Rosen outlet you say? I'll have to check it out!   Any ideas for non AE shoes?  
I moved out here last March and I'm having a heck of a time finding places that sell my size of shoes which I can try on in person without ordering them. I guess Albertans just have bigger feet.   I live by 427 and Rathburn and don't really want to drive an hour, I might as well go on-line.   I'm looking for several pairs of shoes in a variety of styles in 13-3E to 13.5-4E with more casual ones thus far being much harder to find… unless I'm willing to wear some...
  I kind of don't wonder about that myself… back in the old days people were thrifty and they starched. I just can't imagine my grandmother who's 94 and learned to run her household in the great depression having ever starched any of my grandpa's work shirts if it reduced the service life. My grandma is thrifty to the point of madness.   That said I still don't starch my custom shirts out of fear, I just get them made with very rigid fused collars and cuffs and use brass...
How derd ya'll know mer Cibic has hertweels flames on it? I gert dat at WAAALLmart.
Hah, yeah but 5 year olds flinging guacamole are just too dangerous for fine goods.
Yeah, I don't think anybody is going to find anything wrong with suspenders and a belt in those situations at all.   If you keep your jacket on no one will even know. I've certainly seen plenty of guys in VIP details doing exactly that before, usually with 2.5" nylon suspenders that have clamps that go fully around the belt. If you're going to go the full "tactical suspenders" route you might want to avoid ones with overly padded shoulder harnesses, or have your...
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