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Hey everyone! I had a blast at the party, thanks for letting me and Huddler be a part of this! I just created a community album where we can all upload and share our pics of this great event! You can view and upload to it right here:
What does MTM stand for? Also beyond sizing, is there an appropriate style to tucking in shirts? Like how much shirt should be pulled out vs the shirt pulled tight?
So I have a problem tucking in my shirts. For one, I would prefer to just be more informal and wear untucked nice shirts more casually but as we can all imagine, that doesn't work all that well that often. But I still have not mastered the best way to tuck them in without looking silly. Either the shirt gets billowy just above the waist, or the side upside u will come out from the pants, or the last button creates an unevenness to either side of it, or something else. Is...
Well when you do figure something out. PICTURES!
I would agree with Von Franz, in that it is probably perfectly acceptable in your work situation. But on a scale of formality, adding the sweater is definitely less formal, although it does link much more to my personal taste. Also make sure it is a v-neck to show off the shirt and tie appropriately.
I would bet you can fold the shirts and put them all underneath the suits and sport coats. Also get a tie rack and re-use that space. I had to use a different closet for storage of non-seasonal stuff. Other than that I dont see much besides a major undertaking. Or you could install another hanging bar somewhere out of the way... :\
Im pretty sure those are cross country ski boots with that toe haha
Digging the plaid jacked. I really want to find a jacket like this, well fitted but that can be casual, or classed up like so with the bow tie.      
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