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I have a lot of respect for people that don't care about fashion. There are a million and one things in the world to care about, and when it comes to improving our world fashion seems like it belongs low on the list. Because someone doesn't care about fashion doesn't mean that their passions don't lie elsewhere, perhaps in a much more importance place.
Not appropriate, wear wool. Keep it simple.
Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I'm going to try and head off a number of more hostile responses quickly. 1. I don't think many people in this forum where Stacy Adams shoes, so you'll have a tough time getting input on their typical sizing. 2. Not many on this forum like Stacy Adams or Aldo shoes, and you'll probably get some people making fun of these selections shortly. 3. Please do consider other brands, and finding something on sale. Lots of nice shoes you...
This is pretty common across the fashion industry. I think in most cases it's to make a product sound special, and to make it seem like something new. The purpose is to convince the consumer of a couple additional reasons to buy something.
Serious answer - it's only hoarding, or only a problem, if it's coming at the expense of something you wish you were able to do. Like if you couldn't afford something important to you, or you're taking space that's badly needed for something else. If there's no problem affording it, and it causes no other problems, I don't see why this is different than any other hobby out there.
How tight? Brooks Brothers Black Fleece might work...
Hard to say since all of the colors are apparently showing up wrong, but the purple is definitely my favorite from what I see. I like that it's much darker than the others and will give nice contrast with your (I assume) white or light blue shirt.
I like the first one much better. The second one somehow has too much symmetry to my eye.
If I were you I would start the job first, and get a good look around at the kinds of watches and clothing people are wearing. Most of the watches in this thread (in my opinion) run the risk of looking pretty flashy in a management consulting setting both within the firm and definitely with clients. Clients don't want to feel like you're being overpaid, so a bling watch might not be a great idea if you're not a partner.
There's nothing wrong with a pocket, it just makes the shirt a bit more casual. Considering you plan on wearing it under a sweater, it seems like a pocket would be just fine.
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