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I purchased these at Maxfield LA about two weeks back but bought another colour as well so letting these go. They are marked UK 10 which is a US 11 (the box says UK 10 and 10.5 US but as a true 11 I can confirm these are most definitely TTS as a US 11.) Never been worn, tags still attached. This is the newer pair that was just released 2 weeks back. It's still a bit out there design wise so it definitely is not going to appeal to everyone, but I really like this silhouette...
Nope, each has it's own asking price. 
Hello! I am selling 2 pairs of Balmain jeans, neither of which was ever worn /used. They are completely new and pristine and come with their original tags. The Quilted pair is 18CM and a size 34 and fits TTS. It was purchased for a little over $1020 after tax at Bergdorf Goodman in late 2012 and I am asking $700 shipped within North America for  this pair.    The "3D Denim" pair which is a size 33 but fits like a 34 was purchased on Mr. Porter for about $500 about a year...
Putting up a Lanvin Jersey and Silk Hoodie purchased at Bergdorf Goodman for $565 plus tax last Summer. Still has the original tags attached and is completely unworn and pristine. Size XL. I am asking $315 shipped for it within North America.     Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions. At this time I am not accepting offers for trades.    Will be shipped from Canada and I do ask that payment be made in Canadian funds. :)    Thank you! 
I'm hoping one will come out too. Missed the last 20% off one because they cancelled my order :/. 
The Corner code is over now, yeah?
I hate how unintuitive The Corner website is, not to mention everything I add keeps getting pulled out of my cart as I'm paying, but when I go back it's still on the website. 
Balmain Jacket sold. 
  Shipping and all duties and taxes are included in your final bill (this is the case in Canada and the US) on LVR so you should be good. What you paid on the website should be it. 
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