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Had two flannels delivered today by them. Packaged well by the boutique. Perfect condition and received within 4 days of order being placed. I pretty much do all my shopping with Farfetch. Bought two L01's from them in March without a hiccup. Their FX with duties shipped to Canada is significantly more favorable (depending on the brand and boutique, sometimes it's the opposite), hence the loyalty. There are obviously going to be times when an item sells in store and there...
^ sign me up. lol.
Favor to ask you guys, is this the wrong jacket pictured here? I mean it looks like the heavy weight F/W of the varsity but the price appears to be that of the more lightweight S/S version (2390 vs. 2150 listed on NM.) Don't want to buy it and have the wrong thing show up. 😑
I'd like your guy's opinions if you don't mind. The Jungle print teddy is obviously in with this whole Sukajan trend but I'm a pretty classic guy. I have an L01 and a couple of the wool Teddy's and I'm usually all about the "buy what you like, wear it" mantra but I'm wondering if this really is a piece to be invested in and worn for some years. It seems pretty delicate between the viscose/silk and the light colored sleeves? I'm careful but I feel those sleeve are an...
Yeah Mr. Porter shows their "EIP" clientele what's coming almost a week ahead and allows them to pick what they want. That's why I always laugh when they advertise that they're getting Yeezy's etc. It's all for show. Did the jungle teddy go up on the US site even? I didn't even see it at all. I grabbed one through them from the UK site. I love it but I'm iffy because it's being worn by all these famous cats. Might garner more attention than I would like.
Friends, figured I'd make myself a little useful for once. Roden Gray in Vancouver just got a stock of Kake's this evening that they put online on their web store in Grey and Black. No affiliation but I do shop with them from time to time. Great store and people. Hopefully some fellow Canadians that don't want to get hit by customs from the states get a chance to grab one. Cheers!
I definitely get that, just doesn't make sense that there are items sitting full price on the Canadian site and the same items are discounted (up to 60% in one case) on the US side. A sweater for 250 USD (about 350 Canadian) but 650 CAD on the Canadian side doesn't account for exchange disparity. 
Apologies if this has been discussed (didn't appear in a search) but any reason as to why SSENSE has certain items on sale on its US geo-located site and from the Canadian side of the site the same items aren't on sale whatsoever? And then on top of that there are things that are 45% off on the US side of the site but only 25% off on the Canadian side. :/ Super weird. 
Does anyone mind letting me know whether Barneys recently did round two cuts? Trying to tone down the shopping damage so if cut three is looming I might wait it out for a few things.
A bunch of stuff I had bookmarked (a couple SLP sneakers in particular) that SSENSE had marked down for their sale magically have gone back up to full price. Kinda shady but they're like my least favorite online retailer so *shrugs* not shocked.
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