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 my new go to local cobbler could prolly do it
spending some time in ft lauderdale area this week, any RRL dealers nearby?   Thanks in advance!
 I still have a BNIB pair of McCallums and some marlow SWB from that sale. I really should break out the McCallums
 awesome, thank you so much!
just placed order for saddle but confirmation email referenced the alt wein boot.   Mike, can that be changed over to the saddle shoe? I just shot an email over to the contact@epaulet..... email addy   thank you!
that option/size shows as sold out. I'd gladly place an order for another size that shows up as allowable, if I could switch it after the preorder closes 
Hey Mike,   Any chance of pushing through another 12E on the saddle shoe? Appears to be sold out.    Can invoice a paid in full paypal notice tonight if it's possible.   Thank you! Kevin
 EDIT: Didnt read far enough down. Stoked for these, hope I can snag a pair
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