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never thought I'd need a sand chukka but seeing those is changing my mind.
 I'd be in
 love my pair (just received from latest shipment) 
Wish that leffot boot was on commando
got back into town yesterday and had the leffot #8's waiting. snapped a quick pic with the naval boots since there was so much conversation recently about the antique sole. also threw in a shot next to the jcrew crepe soled #8's      
  yep, I use it all the time. perfect for instances like this
 did you just sell those wingtips? I'd been looking at them and was gonna message you 
 sale merchandise only. atleast I (and my wallet) hopes so
 too big on barrie last would concern me longterm, as it's such a voluminous last.  great looking shoe though, hope you can work it out. my pair are in the mail, hoping they'll turn out the shade of yours.
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