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He's in Springfield VA, about 15 minutes South of DC.
nice! He repaired my fathers 40+ year old leather handled shoe horn that had eventually failed.. Sourced some extremely close to matching leather from overseas and stitched it all back up. My father is picky so I was a little concerned, but he was ecstatic to see the final results.
the total ticket was $100 iirc, but it included the work on the bluchers too
picked up my most worn pair of shell from Aram at AH One Shoes this evening and couldn't be happier.. If anyone is looking for flush toe taps etc, reach out to him. He's East Coast (Northern Va), has very reasonable pricing imo, and is legit one of the nicest guys I've ever encountered. Any time I'm grabbing sushi nearby I make it a point to stop in and drop a pair or two off for some touchups.    Just a quick job on these.. vibram topy and flush taps to the indys, with...
 and Goodyear 
 just saw this over on gyw.. outstanding collection!
 I'm no expert, but I vaguely remember bumps more on that end of the spectrum.
  sigh so so good 
leffot offers a similar version once a year or so, but then you're stuck waiting another 6+ months for delivery.   With an assumed Alden price increase at the beginning of the year.. if Bureau has your size, I'd just grab them so you can have them in your hands
mike, hate to ask, but can you provide a quick refresher on the shell sneakers? I know I got my order in, but cant find any emails and am just curious what the final cost ended up being?   thanks!
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