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fuuu seeing those indys above reminds me how gutted mine look. I really need to spend some time on them one day. Left boot creased way different from the right, assuming from clutch usage      
Owning a pair of natty roughouts, I can say that in my case, There has been a little stretch. Not as much as my CXL indys (but I also dont worry the OSB trench as often. Couple pics to whore my pair out, including the inside natty cxl shot. excuse the poor photos, using my phone in a dark room at the moment Edit: my pair has been treated with snoseal as I wasn't a fan of the light color from the manuf. Snoseal definitely knocked down the roughout but I like the finished...
gonzo stripe was an instakop for summer
 can't think of a pair more suited for pairing with jeans tbh
 pm sent on the cigar belt. thanks
 stitching on the right welt closer to the toe ?
other than the LHS on that list, I'd have been in for all the rest.. would have been an expensive month
 I was told to watch this thread for announcements (presumably from other members) and then contact him. But, I've been told he doesn't tend to order above a sz 11 in most cases, yet other members have procured large sizes. I've come to the realization that I'll just have to look elsewhere.
 while you're at it, go ahead and add that pebble grain to them 
 I would be in for this for sure
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