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ever since the georgetown shop moved their rrl stock out, I've been on the lookout myself. 
color me interested on a whindrick
great shade on those cigars. I'd grab a second pair in 11.5 if I could
thanks for the reminder, my card was one of the ones that was declined for potential fraud. Shot Lauren an email just now to rerun the card. Sorry for holding everyone up!
@Epaulet    any word on the waffle knit sweater? Didn't see an email over the weekend (nor am I in a rush necessarily), just want to make sure I don't miss a window to exchange.. I'd be happy to send mine back proactively, or wait until the revised sizing comes out..   Thanks in advance!
as others have said, the jcrew is a good copy. what size are you in your indy?
 hah thank you sir, I appreciate you taking the time to put that together, but yeah, I was referencing the weekend email. I'm not in a rush for it or anything, just making sure I didn't miss an email or anything. Thanks again!
replied, thanks!
 unfortunately not. Just 11.5-12 thanks!
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