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 I just shot off an email and got a response in <3 minutes... My size (11.5D) can be added it appears, so a 12.5 might also be possible.. I assume that when such a substantial deposit is placed (compared to other retailers), there is a greater chance of delivery.. shoot over an email.. but act fast..
 thanks for the PSA.. I dont think larger sizes get ordered on average through there, but I'll inquire nonetheless
handful of 'new'  offerings over at unionmade.. #8 dover on commando is intriguing..   http://unionmadegoods.com/new-arrival/
peeking into this thread.. curious what the translation would be on a size 12 dress shoe TTS.. if a model in that size is avail, feel free to PM me a price shipped to 22193..   Thanks in advance!
some blue suede today  
 yes. 11.5 for barrie/TB/ML, 12 for grant/plaza/van
 lol work beckoned and I've been amiss from the internet.. let me ponder your offer... something tells me these plaza wingtips are going to be laced up one day for the perfect situation... and I like to tease you about them from time to time  
 oh man now youve done it lol  how much am i gonna hate not having these plaza WT one day 
 find me a pair of NIB cigar PTBs and we might be in businesssssssssssss  
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