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 Did I sell those to you? I sold a pair on here but have never seen anyone post up pics. Looking good!
  my bad.. I've been running nonstop, forgot you messaged me and didnt get back to you.. glad you got those cigars tho, glad I didnt see them  youre the first I'll reach out to when I purge some of my dust collectors
 I'm in
 definitely sad. No shortage of memories growing up containing him. RIP
 fransboone was the only other retailer I saw, but it was barrie also. Looks like they are sold out now. EDIT: bureau too https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/2214/color-8-cordovan-long-wing-blucher Have only seen a non barrie LWB here on SF (plaza), but I think that option was long gone from alden as a MTO
 me too
thank you! IIRC, they are handling this via email only? I'll have to dig for their email, I think I want a pair
what's winn perry asking for a deposit? final price?   TIA
I never sent mine in, as C&J wanted me to handle it through RL. I didn't trust RL would honor the price I got etc, was afraid they'd get 'lost'.Ended up hitting them with some Reno which greatly helped.
 you and me both, haven't even slipped them on 
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