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I have a pair of patriots at AH One one now for some flush taps, along with some beat up #8 captoes in need of some major upper refinishing.Hoping to pick them both up Monday on the way to dca, will post some pics of the work if I remember.
 fuuu now I'm gonna be researching them when I get to the hotel tonight.. After those plaza captoe ravellos from this week, and the snuff BB boots, I need a break. Or atleast try and move a model out of the rotation to offset some buckshots. thanks for the info!
 looking awesome! excuse the minor thread jack but where did you score the buckshots? I've been mulling over a pair and see them every so often on ebay, just haven't been sized and feel a little iffy on pulling the trigger.
hmm sold off a pair before, been thinking about getting them again. im 11.5-12d in most aldens, if you'd be interested in a possible trade etc, shoot me a pm. thanks!
Got two XL crew necks dark. Would be willing to trade for either color hoodie or a light crew neck, same size.
thank you sir  
Hmm I must not have landed on their list after all.   Anything 11.5-12 notable?
Favorites that I own : daytripper, whiskey WT boot   Favorite that I want : jcrew ravello lwb w/ brass eyelets
 Been done quite a few times, I imagine a search through this thread would turn up some results. Note that the welt will still be dark (not sure if it is on the leffot navals)
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