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this^ I've received ravello, cigar, and whiskey from DC (whiskey I think came from there, but all might have been NY), all within my relatively short time being in the alden hunt. come to think of it, I dont think I've ever bought non rare shell, or even non shell offerings, from DC
leather sole w/ topy is what I have on mine. I preferred the lower 'profile' of this vs commando sole and the topy helps with traction  
I go the same size in Indy. I remember reading that the thought was the shell couldnt stretch as much over the last like other materials, possibly accounting for a perceived roomier end result
 lol as much as I want these to show up, I need to offload a couple pairs to cover these last couple preorders
On a lighter note, reverse shell shipping confirmation came over WOOT
cayman chambray was a no question purchase
 I think they were  a direct purchase. payment processed through the store etc. maybe it was a one time thing to move that pair.
 really, did that change recently? I consider myself lucky then for the pair I got awhile back. 
   yep, BR has/had one. poor pic below, apologies. quick search on BR's site doesn't show it though (and of course, I cannot find my original order from BR with a sku etc) 
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