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I dont think he is, but the seller is on here with almost the same username
can someone pm me the winter code from the email earlier this week please?. For the life of me, I cannot find it in my mail    thanks in advance!
gave the gf all my chups, just couldnt pull them on/off
Did I miss an email about the natty cxl alt wein shoe preorder from last february? not sure if non shell preorders run this long out at times
 I think those look familiar 
Had a pair from their initial run, the natural cxl indy knockoff. IIRC, they are made in mexico. The construction was lackluster, the leather looked/smelt horrible, like no cxl I've ever seen/handled. they also dug horribly into my foot, almost like modified last on steroids. Ended up giving them away.
  crazy to think that we'll be coming up on 11 months for the ryden boot. not crazy from an alden wait time perspective, but crazy that it was so long ago that order was processed. fingers crossed it arrives as spec'd
modified last #8 straight tips. my "go ahead and step all over them, spill drinks on them, projectile whatever on them" shoes. 
 same size across TB and plaza is interesting
 haha I already saw and commented on these on your IG. looking good as always, one day I'll get them in my hands again. Have a great weekend!
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