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 definitely understand. I think the hand stitching of the shell indys can lead to an odd creasing vs rolling effect on the indys that being said, my left foot #8 shell indy has a 'better' look than the right, although the left is used heavily for clutch work. seems odd, wish I could offset the right somehow * disclaimer that these, along with almost all of my shoes/boots, get minimal to no treatment at all. only my jcrew 403/5 indys get a 'heavy' VSC treatment nowadays 
My initial response was to say let the market dictate value. If someone is willing to pay 1,200$ so be it.     But after reading the ebay link and seeing that the seller ordered three different sizes (presumably to hone in their correct fitment), then flipping the other two pairs for $500+ retail.. mehh
   you were persistent for them haha, glad I was 1. finally able to convince myself that E width plaza is the best way to go, and 2. you were still interested..
XL sold through before I could grab one. If you find it doesn't' work for you, let me know please. thanks!!
 my preorder list is currently small.. a couple EP models, a pair from dayton and a small makeup from neoc. I'm honestly getting burnt out on the time involved to grab preorders etc.
all this randy the cobbler brass work has me wanting to adjust something over. anything to be honest.. but wait times are likely ridiculous by now.   might have to hit up this new NOVA cobbler that's sorted my flush caps to see what he thinks about changing eyelets. Im sure I have a pair around here that could stand to be brass'd out
 part of me wants it before fall, part of me wants it in 2017 so I can budget for the difference in deposit down lol
trust me, if those pitt boots and modified ravellos were my size, they'd have been off your sale post a week ago.  For a brief moment, I thought about buying back those plaza LS cxl boots from you lol. Now they're on to owner three, let's see if they keep circling the country.
all those boots 
finally had a day where I got home and it was light out, figured since I had been doing some recent reorganizing/selling off, I'd snatch a couple of my latest grabs (to compare against a couple older)   AoM whiskey, DC whiskey, DC ravello, skoak ravello, leffot ravello   still hoping for a return to the leffot shade across the ravello board         
New Posts  All Forums: