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 solid pair of boots, I noticed them soon after you put them up. I'd love to give them a run for the winter but my standard 403s have proven strong beaters you'll have no problem moving those
  should you find yourself pondering offloading the wingtips, let me know. I have an 11.5 pair that are a touch too tight unless super thin socks
Don't worry about it, just keep an eye on the stitching. And don't bend it anymore lol
I can say it was a bit humbling to order one of my recent shirts in an XXL  when most others spec out in XL. all good, I need to cut out this gluten from my diet anyhow    @Epaulet    we're still waiting on those larger waffleknit measurements, right? I don't want to miss that window of getting mine back (but can proactively send back if need be in preparation)    Thanks!
Did the larger waffle knit measurements get posted? Sorry if so, things have been hectic on my end and haven't had a chance to dig thru the thread. I tried calling the number in the sig from the EP waffle knit email but it keeps ringing busy.. Just don't want to miss my opportunity to exchange.. Thank you!
I thought it was fairly common that the same shade could be had by some of the euro makers like EB
jumping in real quick, apologize if its already been posted, but have the larger waffle knit dimensions been posted/sent? I need to get my google form entry knocked out but am all over the place with whether going up 1 or 2   thanks!
have your lindricks arrived yet, or are you on the same gmto I am (what I believe is next in line?) reason I ask is, my most recently received dundee are fairly 'light', all things considered when it comes to brown shell possible the lindricks end up being the lighter shade that ive received like my dundee
 delete. read further and answered my own question!
amazing CS Mike, much appreciated. Would it be possible to post out the dimensions (beyond x-large)? I vaguely remember seeing them before, but cannot seem to locate now. I'd like to compare the dimensions against some of my better fitting RRL cardigans when swapping this waffle knit out   thank you!
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