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I've shifted away from cxl offerings over the last year or so. too inconsistent for me.   Would take it in whiskey shell format though.
 love. really want a chunky sole lwb from them.
thank you sir! Galways came from W.R. & Co, right before their price jump. I think they came to $927 shipped, couldnt pass them up
xpost from the alden thread.   just arrived today. already taken over the spot for most favorite indy  
pleasantly surprise to see these dropped off today.. excuse the chinos, wasn't wearing boot with them earlier       and non alden related ,but arrived yesterday. please dont shoot me lol         enjoy the rest of your week gentlemen   (and I take the PCT boot TTS. .5 down was too tight). someone on here got a great deal on them iirc
 yessir, gonna try out that new country grain boot
    thanks guys! just crossed my mine when I broke out the new cigar LWBS and they were covered in bloom, just like my cigar boots. damn leffot naval are now experiencing it.. all in all, not a big deal, was just curious.  thanks for you mike for the year date info. I'll look into a couple pairs at some point
just a quick note to give props to Adele and Mike.. Adele hooked me up on a recent order, based off a previous order that I canceled (not due to EP's fault, moreso Alden (but not really a fault, just a change of design that didn't work for me).   EP customer service continues to set the bar higher higher,  I don't see any other retailer achieving this level.   As soon as I lose a couple 'beer and wing' belly pounds, I'll be doing some damage on some shirting and...
Curious how many of you gents are seeing newer cigar offerings concerning bloom? My AoM cigar captoe on barrie bloom like crazy, as do my recently received cigar LWB on antique, also from AoM. My cigar PTB shoe (not sure from where) exhibits none.   Unrelated, but can someone outline the process to determine what year a model was made (based off the identification information in the inside of the shoe/boot. Just curious how old a couple of my pairs are.   Thanks in...
  I just hope alden signs off on brass eyelets on shell
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