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no recc on an insole, but feel free to PM me if you decide to part with them :)
 is my #4 johhnny. bad pic so please excuse 
   thank you gentlemen, will shoot off an email to them now
mdubs,   are these a recent acquisition from DC? if so, do you recall the cost? Trying to justify emailing them to see if they have my size if they are a current offering..   thanks in advance!
 got in back in '09 I think.. pair of 405/3s from jcrew.. kept stumbling across them online in blogs etc.. scored with a 25% off coupon IIRC now, about 20 pair in or so.. caught the shell bug. some from hoarding, some from the rarity and being in the right place/right time.. collection is mostly shell, sold off most CXL http://imgur.com/a/E0EfD#0 (various pics in imgur link, including none alden) I think I'm at the point where I only have 4-5 shoes/boots left and I'll be...
 im probably the laziest person on this board, so I'm not much help here.. I just grab whichever brush is at the top of my brush trunk storage thing, brush a bit off the shoe all over, than hit some VSC all over. buff with some cheap amazon microfiber and then throw them back on the shelf quite sad really, but I've become kinda jaded on excessive shoe care it seems 
 shit.. if I lived by that motto, NAMOR would own half my collection.. I just keep grabbing my 405s cause the weather/terrain I'm in lately has been such shit
 trust me, been eyeing those natty LWBs all night but I'm on a ordering freeze 
  nor did I.. I inquired recently about a black balm in either cal or shell.. Response was definitely no shell in sight, calf on order.. really odd that alden wouldn't want to appease what I would imagine is a small amount of members after shell in ML.. even in standard black and #8.. boggles my mind. 
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