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An Alden boot box the size of the EG Galway box would be perfect. I'd honestly buy empty boxes and swap all my alden boot boxes out for them if they were offered, just to satisfy my OCD lol
 I cant use any alden boxes, especially as they are 11.5-12 sized shoes trying to go in them. And boots.. forget about it. The boxes do more harm while being shipped to the retailer, and then consumer. I just store the boxes away and keep the shoes out on shelves etc.
 something in cigar or snuff would be my choice. Brooks Bros offers a snuff boot on discount from time to time. Cigar would have to come from one of the alden shops, most likely with a bit of a wait.
 thank you sir! good memory. they shipped from Norway
mostly overcast today, decided to break out some ravello for the first time           apologies for the potato quality, I dont tend to produce nice pics
 I do it for a tighter ankle 
 wow, those jcrews.. one day I'll have them again. fantastic
ahh why no 11.5
 Assuming you are able to verify that the BB is truly on barrie (since it's not always listed on BB website), I'd take it the same size as 'regular' Alden barrie offerings. 
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