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  you'll be my first contact
 it can take its time as far as im concerned, after my viberg purchase today  only preorders I have, save for these new vibergs, are 3 EP ones.. rydan boot, natty cxl innsbruck shoe, and #8 brixton 2016 is gonna be a light year for me 
 I'd be all over this boot, hooks or not. Consider me down if you can get it made up
  both pass through NYC and DC from time to time
 sitting at a year now for natural cxl through EP. even #8 shipped quicker than that
 Interesting. Might explain why I never got a response asking what they might have in stock in my size.. Also might explain the fairly poor shipping/packaging for these that came today.    They were pressed into a box that was shallower than the alden box, causing the exterior "packaging" to bulge quite a bit. 
@Epaulet    I swear I received a confirmation email for a pair of EFF pants (That i believe are now sold out, the one with the cargo pocket detail).. but cannot find the email on my end for my records.   Any chance of searching on your end and re-forwarding? Thanks!!!!!
 no worries at all, I still got a kick ass pair of pants coming (and you hooked up that coupon on that XL osc parka), so for that, I'm grateful 
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