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My pair is in the mail, cant wait. then I just need to find a pair of jcrew ravellos and I'll be done
I'm out unfortunately. Had something come up   Good luck getting it fulfilled!
with how aggressive the sole looks, I'd think Modified
   Madison IIRC. Either there or DC. I got these and the LWB around the same time, cant recall  what came from where at the moment
 natural shell wallet against alden whiskey. wallet is from ashland, so it's essentially coming straight from horween I guess  
For me, it would be dependent on how I thought I'd be wearing them (in regards to socks). If they were boots, I wouldn't mind going to E width as I have plenty of heavy weight socks. 
 I should hopefully know within the next 2-3 days if I can throw my hat in the ring.. Would love to commit right now, but I'm shifting some fundage around
  yeeeeesh might need to sell off a pair or two real quick to come to terms with this pricing
ugh decisions decisions
True true. Otherwise, budget an hour  
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