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 agreed. these got worked today. still my go to pair      
quick  (horrible) shot of recently arrived teak trickers. took a chance with sizing and with Richard at ShoeHealers help was able to knock it out perfectly   
 welp, no choice for me but to call tmrw and see if they have my size.. will give me a reason to head into the city and grab lunch with my dad around the corner.. Hill Country BBQ   
that grant lasted indy looks very interesting.. might need to break my black shell cherry with those   thanks for the heads up!
nothing worthwhile on 11.5d and 12d 
not sure if been posted but natty cxl SWB on modified now avail at moulded  
boot game lacking :/   looking at three of four makeups posted ITT and trying to figure out I procure            
 sooooooooo, any more of these avail? 
didnt see these posted ITT. dark tan calfskin at EP. full run showing from 7.5-11.5   http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/alden-longwing-in-dark-tan-calfskin  
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