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 lol work beckoned and I've been amiss from the internet.. let me ponder your offer... something tells me these plaza wingtips are going to be laced up one day for the perfect situation... and I like to tease you about them from time to time  
 oh man now youve done it lol  how much am i gonna hate not having these plaza WT one day 
 find me a pair of NIB cigar PTBs and we might be in businesssssssssssss  
looks like alpine grain is the latest to ship out of alden in quantity, given the recent jcrew offering and these from fransboone,     http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/alden-alpine-grain-dover-pattern-shoe-on-watrelock-sole  
 if they were 11.5d, they would have been snatched up long ago, trust me.. free bump nonetheless!
 great read, thanks for posting  hurry up and get your orders in gents.. 
 Thanks for the pics! I'm a 'cant purchase unless I score a decent deal type of guy', so I think an in store purchase from RL is out the question.. Had really thought of the Leeds, but may entertain...
excuse the ignorance, as I only own the McCallum and Marlow SWB.. but is there a brown marlow PTB??? Not thinking I'll see a cigar PTB from Alden any day, so im looking elsewhere..   TIA
those chocolate suede LWB on antique are calling me.. never really digged into alden suede, is this another of those preorder every 24 months or a fairly common arrival at various retailers?   TIA
to show a bit more variation in ravello, my three pair,         and I'll say, still to this day, that if a pair of jcrew lwb ravellos pop up in 11.5 I will pay a premium, as I find that shade to be perfect..
New Posts  All Forums: