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welp, slim midlands are definitely not buttoning up with a 32waist lol. before trying to exchange, if anyone ITT might take that size, PM me. Otherwise, I'm attempting to change up a size mañana.
admittedly, I lean on the side of less product, but what is the problem you are encountering?
  this.... not that I even remember what I bought lol
^^^ agreed on the indys. they quickly became my favorite pair of non shell boots.   would love this leather in a lwb, instakop
aagh need to see these cigar sneakers 
cigar trainers cannot arrive any faster      these are seriously delaying my shell boat shoe makeup I'm floating with another manuf ughhhhh
I've shifted away from cxl offerings over the last year or so. too inconsistent for me.   Would take it in whiskey shell format though.
 love. really want a chunky sole lwb from them.
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