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 should be 34. I have a pair arriving tomorrow and iirc the SA at epaulet said they matched up with their other khaki walt inseam
cant help with trying to lighten, can only say that my snuff dovers did not experiment any darkening from tarrago (or did and lightened back without me knowing)
 agreed. Mike, anyway to get a comparison shot of the new lightweight khaki twill against the current slim walt khaki twill? I have the current pair en route but might want to grab this new pair before a trip next week. Thanks in advance!
Mike,   any way to get a discounted item lumped with a regular stocked item (prior to shipping them out)?
wow those whiskeys would be an instakop if they came in an 11.5
SF member duesis could probably show some of the differences in brown etc, IIRC he had a rainbow of shell at one point.
Rider had/has been doing quite a few gmto over on Reddit. Iirc, dozens of people were participating, all at different shades. not just one color like C&J does through hoit's occasional gmtos here on SF
All I could work up at the moment, definitely not the best clicking but I don't mind
Quick shot, first wear. Inside the heel is insanely uncomfortable on these, don't remember my other 2030 feeling this way at first
this^ I've received ravello, cigar, and whiskey from DC (whiskey I think came from there, but all might have been NY), all within my relatively short time being in the alden hunt. come to think of it, I dont think I've ever bought non rare shell, or even non shell offerings, from DC
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