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osc parka showed up today. fairly sure I could go topless under that thing and still break a sweat   
non alden shoe question, but has anyone had luck with a 'whiskey' shade cream (saphir maybe?) to help mitigate some darkish spotting? I recently received some "natural/whiskey like" shell boat shoes that have a couple spots I'd like to tone down if possible, but have no real experience with whiskey and the associated creams etc.   thanks in advance
 just sayin... if you ever feel like unloading these.. hint hint, plaza #8 LS wingtip boot hint hint  
weird, I didn't see it on the list I got..have a pic?
I dont think he is, but the seller is on here with almost the same username
can someone pm me the winter code from the email earlier this week please?. For the life of me, I cannot find it in my mail    thanks in advance!
gave the gf all my chups, just couldnt pull them on/off
Did I miss an email about the natty cxl alt wein shoe preorder from last february? not sure if non shell preorders run this long out at times
 I think those look familiar 
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