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 sale merchandise only. atleast I (and my wallet) hopes so
 too big on barrie last would concern me longterm, as it's such a voluminous last.  great looking shoe though, hope you can work it out. my pair are in the mail, hoping they'll turn out the shade of yours.
sorry, not sure how to display it as an image, but here's the 12D list as a pdf. A couple boots on there   
Nothing good on the 11.5 and 12D lists
yea looking at a pic of mine, the welt is definitely darker than the cxl pair you posted  
 I was fortunate enough to grab a pair from O'Connells in cigar shell that look pretty damn close. Not sure if any of the Alden factory stores are doing cigar chukkas tho.
what last are the pennies on chipshot?
 alden factory stores tend to get them from time to time (atleast when I've inquired about various shoes in the past I've been told they had C widths in stock randomly)
apologies if it's been posted, but does anyone have a pic of the snuff belt against a pair of snuff from alden?
 sadly, only pic I have as I am across the country atm 
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