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  crazy to think that we'll be coming up on 11 months for the ryden boot. not crazy from an alden wait time perspective, but crazy that it was so long ago that order was processed. fingers crossed it arrives as spec'd
modified last #8 straight tips. my "go ahead and step all over them, spill drinks on them, projectile whatever on them" shoes. 
 same size across TB and plaza is interesting
 haha I already saw and commented on these on your IG. looking good as always, one day I'll get them in my hands again. Have a great weekend!
I was checking SF from my phone, while juggling a contract for a client, and saw a couple posts about donations and wanted to slide a place marker in so I could go back and read at a better time. I am always interested in educating myself and possibly donating to various organizations.
Ifl on the last couple posts for tmrw
AoM arrival today. Wicked fast shipping on their part. Dark but I'm going to sit them in the window to experiment  
PM me this weekend and i'll check, im sure I could spare a couple pairs. They'd be shoe bags though, not boots. 
 say what?
got a chance to swing by AH One this afternoon to pick up a couple pairs. Can't say enough how impressed (again) I am with Aram's work. Class act to boot.   Flush taps and topy on the cigars, fresh topy/alden heels and some stitch work on my workhorse indys    
New Posts  All Forums: