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if those pitt boots were 11.5 or 12 I'd have been all over them. those modified ravello are tempting me too, maybe I can convince my GF to let me return her purse I got her today      those anatomicas would sell in no time on ebay, just irritating to deal with their fees and policies.   Could also throw them up on the reddit/gyw BST thread each weekend (if you're not already on there)
striking out for aldens in SF/Carmel this weekend it looks like :/   alden SF didn't have anything in my size that I was interested in. really wanted the reverse chamois type boot, just like the one handcuffed is currently offering (wish his were 12's, I'd have wore thick socks and kept strictly winter use but I digress).   Unionmade didnt have anything in my size that was halfway desirable.   Ended up at RL and blew through some money on some RRL sales goods and...
fuuuu I need to set aside money for that. I was just going through my email to finally figure out what I want to do with the canceled shell sneaker deposit. guess I could apply to that nm, found it in the email
thin ankles and think socks like happy socks will do that. mine look similar when not wearing boot socks. I tend to just wrap lace around the ankle nowadays as it's faster and a much more snug feel
having never handled them, nor noticed the tag on their pics until now, I'm inclined to believe that the tag is just a 'poorly' done photoshop to protect their stock image.
 depending on the stichting you are talking about, it could be different. some have natural welts with an offwhite stitch, some have bright white welt stitching. While I can't speak to any difference in regards to the TSM version, any writing (on any pair) will be on the inside heel pad and will (most likely) fade away after a couple months. Don't let the stamping inside sway you.
 pretty much. I found all the natty cxl at alden SF yesterday seemed to be the consistent, golden color. vs my natty cxl vibergs I got earlier this year that have the grey undertones (that I actually prefer to the typical alden shade)
   This is partially true. This procurement does not exist until in my possession. Right now, they are somewhere in Oslo for the past week lol. And Handcuffed is correct. Should these not fit, he gets first dibs.
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