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JUST A NOTE TO ALL: APPARENTALLY ALL WHISKEY, RAVELLO, AND CIGAR OFFERINGS ARE DRIED UP AND HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS.   now that that's out of the way, I can state that the above was the answer I received today when I called into Sherman Brothers in Phila        I didn't care enough to let him know of my whiskey WTB that came in last week,. nor the constant ravello and whiskey dropping left and right recently.
that wingtip ravello monk is interesting.   those prices are not though.
     thank you gentlemen. seems I'll be able to save some money this weekend then, or let the GF spend it
I think I might end up in Philly this weekend.. Any retailers worth stopping in?   Thanks in advance!
whiskey wingtip boots arrived today. finishing is pretty meh on one of them. will have to look them over in the daylight  
if you dont count the short lived email list where everyone got CC'd instead of BCC'd 
12 is crazy.. I looked at the initial email but it only stated 4 of the cigar chukka, nothing for the ravello swb or whiskey boot.   wonder how quickly all three makeups were spoken for
got a pic? cant say I've ever seen a pair from alden
yup, just got the call myself. pretty surprising turnaround from the iniital order date
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