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handful of cigar seconds over at shoemart apparently.   these also caught my eye, but unfortunately not my size.. anyone know who was doing this makeup? #8/scotch grain   
picked these up today, couldnt be happier.. a touch snug, hopefully will loosen up a bit after some wear  
They're little corner in the back for RRL was all discounted. A couple bags, various denim and a couple shades of chinos (tan, olive), some henleys/tees, along with some cardigans. Not a large spread by any means but the prices weren't bad 
Woodbury had a stack of the tan officer chinos two weeks ago, I grabbed a backup pair for $120 iirc. You could call and see if they'll ship
 I stay 11.5D if I know I'll be sticking with thinner socks, but try to go up to E if they're boots for thicker socks
 nope, happened to me at DCA two weeks ago, but not BOS on my way back
poor Kathy is gonna have to unplug the phone for the next couple days  
 I just checked my recently received dark brown dundee from a gmto earlier this year and it's on black dainite. I honestly don't remember if it was supposed to be brown or black, and as you said, it's relatively minor in the grand scheme of things
maybe not on their site, but they've definitely gone up into the 11.5-12 range. I've purchased 4 pairs (2 shell) from them in the past
have a cobbler stitch one side of the tongue down. I did it on one of my indys, easy job
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