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J. Lawrence had EG and G&G
 Haha yes sir, in Carmel CA. Came over for a quick weekend getaway. Love the area, would love to move my business over here.. Sad to see no Alden representation in town, although I did try on some beautiful EGs, just couldn't swing the $1,395 asking price at the time.
Does anyone know the return timeframe policy for TSM seconds? I received two pair on Thursday but am stuck in Carmel until Tuesday morning. From some pics I had sent to me, it looks like both pairs might be going back. Just want to make sure I have enough time. Thanks in advance!
can anyone speak on this model FD-55509?   seems like a Moulded shoe offering, as it's modified last, but nothing on their website matches up..   TIA!
Just emailed you the 11.5 list
I grabbed a pair of modified bluchers and some snuff ptbs. the modifieds might be going back, but better to grab now and pay return shipping 
thank you all for the SF recc's.. I'll be flying in on thursday, so I'll try and make some stops over the weekend..   much appreciated!
going to be in SF next week.. besides Aldens store, anywhere else worth checking out? 
 still < sz 11 sizing on average with your stock?
that feel      no more reno left 
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