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 lol as much as I want these to show up, I need to offload a couple pairs to cover these last couple preorders
On a lighter note, reverse shell shipping confirmation came over WOOT
cayman chambray was a no question purchase
 I think they were  a direct purchase. payment processed through the store etc. maybe it was a one time thing to move that pair.
 really, did that change recently? I consider myself lucky then for the pair I got awhile back. 
   yep, BR has/had one. poor pic below, apologies. quick search on BR's site doesn't show it though (and of course, I cannot find my original order from BR with a sku etc) 
  hmm shoot me a PM when you can about a card holder in this material.. need something for business cards also, unrelated, but got my order of laces and shell keyfob thingy today. awesome products 
 apologies for the poor pic, but the recent J.Gilbert #8 WT is on plaza w/ commando 
agreed :/ 
If you are referring to the just arrive EP natty alt wein, I have 11.5D enroute but might not be keeping them. If you might be interested, PM me and I'll follow back up with you once I get them in my hands and make the determination. Thanks
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