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   saw this as my screen reloaded and immediately squinted at the sight of them.. one day they will be mine again!
speaking of kathy, she had a pair of ravello boots in 10 or 10.5 when I stopped in last week.. I think a return from a client..    I still cant get used to the handle on the front door there  . When Kathy saw me struggling with it, I'm sure she thought I was trying to stick the place up due to my hoodie and jeans attire.    She showed some loden suede makeup they just got in, almost pulled the trigger but my better half got to me.
   convenient that there is no insole pic. 
^^^ that first link looks like plaza to me, with the second looking grant
shame about the 3rd party misrepresenting the goods, but upmost respect for Mike and team to approach this in the manner they have.   while I'm not really feeling a shell sneaker in the new proposed price range (due to limited usage on my part), I'm also not disappointed in the initial offering not coming to fruition..    I don't yet have an opinion on the new offerings with adjusted leather, but might grow on me soon. Should they not, I'd be fine with EP keeping my...
 kind happy that I paid in full for the whiskey WT boot earlier last yr.. Beyond that, a couple more and I'm tapping out on alden shell lol
started with nike dunk sb and air max, then graduated to more grown up footwear. my girlfriend doesnt mind, as I still get her things for her hobbies/likes.. luckily she isnt really into high end womens shoes 
I have both for beaters, but tend to gravitate towards the #8 more if the weather wont be too bad. leather sole on those, where my cxl indys have been topy'd so I'm less cautious with them so, not insane. grab them both :enabler:
 my bad, totally glossed over your listing of size when I asked.. If it were 11.5d, I'd unload my leffot antique trim LWB for you.. You could always grab a standard 975 and sand the trim down. Someone on here did it IIRC. Only thing would the dark welt, but it wouldnt bother me personally. happy hunting and congrats!
what size?
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