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maybe not on their site, but they've definitely gone up into the 11.5-12 range. I've purchased 4 pairs (2 shell) from them in the past
have a cobbler stitch one side of the tongue down. I did it on one of my indys, easy job
 agreed, but nice vid nonetheless. thanks for posting 
a week or two back Mike said that heard they'd deliver in 6-8 weeks (IIRC)
 go to your profile and scroll to the bottom to the signature section
 agree 1000%. Out of maybe 20+/- rrl pieces I own, I've paid full retail for 1 item, a pair of slim rigids bought when the DC shop still sold the line.    has caught my eye, I'm keeping an eye on them
  from what I have access to right now, the stuff on the left side of the photo is made in india, stuff on the right, china   with the sweaters, three to the left are china but two on the right are USA   I agree with you though (I think), in that I wish there was more MIUSA product, especially at the price points RRL tries to command. Ive started to look at other companies that offer similarly styled product but MIUSA
great to see how quickly these gmto's come together still.. I'm waiting on the whiskey grasmere and brown lindrick myself. Assuming I get my sizes down (my recently received brown dundees worked out perfect and are sized the same as the two pair I'm waiting on), I'll be looking for a brown WT marlow (RL) and possibly whiskey galway or lindrick in the near future.    Hopefully there'll still be interested participants for those models at that time. at the rate this thread...
hah it's all good, one day I'll cross paths with them again
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