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 jcrew indy was my gateway pair also, back in 2010.. 28 pairs later, I think im finally getting to the end of want list  
deleted cause bunk formatting      
 polish is unnecessary for cxl imo. quick rub with a thumb will get most scratches out, or a little VSC
how does one determine the year made by the code again? I'm curious on a couple pairs I have here   thanks in advance!
im in on the lindrick, info added   bunch of enablers
^^   great looking boot. have contemplated getting some version of the michigan boot but haven't pulled the trigger. your pics are helping though
 solid, thank you! the iron hearts look like a good option thanks!
Looking to pick up something similar to the officer's chino but not seeing anything on RRLs site.. any other companies that offer a heavier weight chino? mainly looking for colors other than khaki    thanks in advance!
placed my first order with TS on 5/22 and haven't heard a peep since.. not really pressed for the items, but a shipping confirmation email would be nice
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