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   on my short list of wants
fuuuu I need to getmy beer belly game on point. I've been purposely neglecting tops from EP as I know nothing would fit me appropriately   
 welcome Adam, Hoping one day to order something through you, although I'm currently hindered by my 11.5-12 size foot.
  I would
damp cloth, then dry. brush til warm, then light coat of VSC left done, right not yet started 
 same deal you and I made before works both ways if those 11.5s dont work 
oh man if they are back to the mid brown cigar, I'm gonna be bummed to miss out, but hopeful that the soon arriving LWB are similar in shade
 would definitely be in, even moreso if it was plain toe
 minus the commando sole, I'm in tonight.
a dark brown pebble grain boot/shoe would be awesome. something foul weather like
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