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damn you for those modified boots not being 11.5d  carry on
didnt think I'd be spending any money today but that indy is too good
 I had one side stitched on my reg indys (only one boot was giving my trouble) 
speaking of newer cigar blooming       one down, one to go  
 while I've never personally walked a pair from the back shelves to the counter to purchase, I don't see why you could not. You can walk the shelves, handled the product, see the "defect".
  you're an 11.5 correct? feel free to offload them my way. can even keep it easy and ship instate
I need those wingtips in my life
  solid, thanks!
^ cost for the conversion?   thanks in advance
  false alarm, I forgot I ordered some guacho tramping shoes from them 
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