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 I figured as such 
 yes, they are.
ravello daytripper
the tongue being stitched is to prevent it from shifting to one side, must have been a problem for the previous owner.   The small holes on the back of the #8s are common, it's something with how alden builds the boot.   I just checked and both day trippers and cigar captoes, built years apart, have it    
tanker and #8
^^^ I had that boot and sold it. It's nice, but the plaza last and wingtip design clashed with the excessive wrinkling of CXL imo
assuming its just regular VSC, http://www.foresupplyco.com/productDetail.asp_Q_catID_E_48_A_subCatID_E_55_A_productID_E_703_A_ZOES_Venetian_Shoe_Cream_E_ZOES_Venetian_Shoe_Cream
 I'm far from an expert, but I think the two tone look across panels, unless obvious upon opening the box, will be hard to distinguish in regards to a time frame before various tones *might* develop
perfect shade. would love for future lwb/chukka/etc to come in at that color   should anyone with a 12d find them self not needing their pair, my inbox is clear :)
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