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I think I'm in the same GMTO.. didn't it get funded already? I thought I was charged for both the grasmere and the brown lindrick, but I could be wrong
My only remaining pair of alden seconds (procured from a member here, years ago) has a Belllerose name stamped on the inside. Definitely possible they've transitioned to standard alden pads nowadays though    
good point. on my comp it's looking black, or atleast very dark..
exciting EP black shell email arrival 
 it's been a couple years I think since I've been in this thread, but I'm pretty sure nothing ever came to fruition from the various (shell) makeups proposed 
ugh why couldnt alden have green lighted the snuff/#8 saddle
   glad they made it there, the lack of usps updates had me worried 
this is interesting too.. isn't this the EP makeup that is pending?  
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