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does anyone do a cigar SW boot? 
 agreed. would gladly have the PTB that just arrived in that same shade as the chukka, along with the cigar indy I received from TSM during that crazy sale. i won't complain at the darker shade, I just wish I could get that slight olive tone 
 I should have known to throw a pic up when I made that post lol Here's a quick indoor pic, horrible lighting. I'll try and grab an outdoor shot this weekend. Marlow, new PTB, new captoe from last month or so, old chukka from 2011ish I think (O'Connells pickup, so it might have been an even older makeup)  
new cigar PTBs showed up today. Alden definitely seems to be leaning on the dark side now for cigar, which is a shame imo. 
 atleast a dozen times, once today when I was giving my CC info for some cigar PTBs..   which was followed by asking to be put on a list for another shoe for the future  
I have a pair of cigar PTBs en route, curious to see if they are as dark as those from Harrison and the recent cigar captoe boot. if so, they might be going back
 agreed. just wish it wasn't in the 90s now so I could wear them  
patchwork #4's.. I'm in
ravello indy on plaza was available last yr roughly at fransboone, I should have grabbed it but didnt (and am pretty sure someone here did, 12D)   kick myself daily for passing that
  agreed. my daytrippers are a better shade imo than the most recent ravello releases from DC and NYC 
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