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only alden I can pack when going to FLL are 986 , I dont know how you do it 
 not my post, but those pics are from anatomica
one could probably grab a pair of regular cigar ptbs on this side of the pond and have B.Nelson retro brass eyelets on (for the same approximate cost to get from fransboone and shipped over)
I wonder if the buckle could be unscrewed , belt trimmed, and then punch new holes.. might have to buy and try. I've been needing a snuff belt
 epaulet offers a snuff belt. I think someone in the EP thread here on SF posted a pic against alden snuff and it was close
thanks for making it easy for me lol
I am fighting hard to email and see if they have a sz12 in the PT boot.. decisions, decisions
 35 here. Got my first pair (indy) a couple years ago. Have since added about 20 pairs, mostly shell, iirc
 but yea.... just call kathy and ask to be put on a list. you never know, you might get lucky.
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