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 I will remember that! 
 last difference between the post and the pic of the box, curious about that.. If i could unload my two pair of shell trickers I'd maybe entertain these, no clue how to size these tho, only tried 2030
would love that cinco de mayo fabric in the overshirt that EP sold. would pay for a couple yards and try and MTO 
snuff dovers barrie chukka
I'd reach for the untaped pair on the left, which I assume are c&j
plaza last is so good but I hate the thought of playing the cxl lottery with alden
out of town trip, beyond some neoc boat shoes, these were the only other pair brought I think from DC a year or so ago  
 should be 34. I have a pair arriving tomorrow and iirc the SA at epaulet said they matched up with their other khaki walt inseam
cant help with trying to lighten, can only say that my snuff dovers did not experiment any darkening from tarrago (or did and lightened back without me knowing)
 agreed. Mike, anyway to get a comparison shot of the new lightweight khaki twill against the current slim walt khaki twill? I have the current pair en route but might want to grab this new pair before a trip next week. Thanks in advance!
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