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gave my roughouts a rest for once. really liking how these are breaking in    
 recent activity here (in other threads) on SF would lead me to agree 
 agreed! If those are 11.5-12 I'll gladly test them out
 my paypal paid order went through, but it was with 2 day shipping and only for $300ish.. hindsight, I shoulda grabbed a pair of straights too 
 cant comment about the makeup of the sole itself, but I own a pair of jcrew indys with the neocork sole. didnt really notice any odd wear on the sole (versus all the other aldens I have with other type soles), but I did add a topy when I was at my cobbler replacing the heel that had worn down.. I'm happy with the topy on mine (along with cats paw heel)
 I was (for the most part) able to on the McCallums. I'd be fine doing the same on these, if there wasn't a cut mark in the leather on the toe, and overall just poor QC. Coming from alden and their well known QC issues, I kinda anticipated better with C&J.  not a big deal, more of an annoyance (but worth it at the price paid)
got my Marlows today, but unfortunately the quality is shit so I need to try and exchange.. Gouge in the toe of one, shitty dye all over like my McCallums I got earlier this year
 I don't know where you could get any new pair of shell shoes for under $100, regardless of the manufacturer.
 awesome! much prefer the commando sole on yours to the leather sole on mine 
 aww yiss
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