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I took my loafer as the same size as barrie (with a thin heel pad on my slightly smaller foot)
EP killing it left and right  
black plain toe shell boot last week 
 was that the one with the whiskey WT boot? I got on that one but dont remember what month it was that I did.
interesting..   http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/blackbird-plain-toe-boot-in-black-lady-calfskin  
Anyone know of a retailer offering a snuff/#8 saddle like jcrew had awhile ago? Seeing a MTO saddle makeup (AE natty shell/#8) in another thread here on SF has me thinking about trying something like this. Might be able to go MTO through AE but would like to check my options from alden first.   thanks in advance!
seeing those AE above made me think if I could get the same, but snuff suede instead of the natty shell, a la the alden jcrew makeup from a bit ago. I haven't been able to find another alden seller that offered something similar.
 Indeed.. lemme see if this will work again.. I propose anything in a boot with #8 pebble grain.. 
those burgundy trainers are dope. I never sorted out my preorder from the first shell sneaker, might have to spring for these 
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