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quote feature on my end is acting up, but someone a couple pages back asked about grails...   at this point, I've hit mine, thankfully via norway and @stefan        beyond these, a (preferably older like shade) cigar LWB and jcrew ravello brass are my *hopeful* last two acquisitions.   hopefully, a certain member hasn't forgot about a snuff/#8 saddle, as I'd immediately add a pair of those for fall duties :wink wink:   beyond that (maybe winn perry reverse...
craziest week for me since back into town, sorry for the lack of nonsense postinglol
thank you! hopefully they'll restock 11.5 one day
does anyone ever offer a plain toe boot in reverse tobacco chamois?
I've decided on I want snuff lwb with brass eyelets now. those look awesome ^   now, to find them
long wings in what material?
 thank you sir! much appreciated! one step closer to wrapping up the collection.. both cigar and jcrew ravello lwb and im tappin out!
just arrived. thanks @stefan!!    
 agreed. im turning my man card in if I ever get stomped out by a guy wearing uncle nutzo shorts
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