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^^ I dig them, and would grab them if they had my size.   I am surprised they are recommending Leydon size to match barrie/TB though.. I definitely needed to go TTS 
weird, none of the sale prices show on my page. A pair of RRL jeans show a discount once in my cart, but not on the main screen while searching
if I'm understanding zissou's comment correctly, nothing on the early access link is showing on discount (atleast for me it is not)
 tax season he goes hard with work
 while it does, I think having 5-6 preorders that could all hit at the same time would suck more
lol I don't imagine that Handcuffed really comes for their throats over it..   That being said, I did receive a prompt email back from Leffot and am going to get my 11.5E (but am surprised it's not considered a stock size for them). I'd have thought it would be fairly common, but I digress.   carry on gents!
  yeah, I imagined as such, and would be willing to pay a larger deposit (or in full) if need be. Just seems weird that they (leffot) allocate the way they do, as the larger sizes tend to go immediately, but a random 6E or something sits for awhile. either way, the D width will work, E would just be ideal.
 lol I wish. These are being funded from Namor grabbing my plaza #8 boot and me returning my girlfriends kate spade bag muhahahahahaha
grabbed the 11.5d greenwich, but emailed hoping they can change to 11.5e as I think these will be foul weather, thicker sock, type conditions. fingers crossed they can submit it as an E width
 definitely understand. I think the hand stitching of the shell indys can lead to an odd creasing vs rolling effect on the indys that being said, my left foot #8 shell indy has a 'better' look than the right, although the left is used heavily for clutch work. seems odd, wish I could offset the right somehow * disclaimer that these, along with almost all of my shoes/boots, get minimal to no treatment at all. only my jcrew 403/5 indys get a 'heavy' VSC treatment nowadays 
New Posts  All Forums: