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colder temp finally bringing out the boots   
breaking in some RRL and hating life with my only version of cigars  
 awesome, thank you. order placed on the nat cxl. time to dip my feet into some viberg
asked in another thread, but do most take 2030 the same as barrie? I have no reference for viberg as I've never fitted
nah not at all. nothing on this recent list that interested me. Was mainly trying to score a pair of 403s for a good buddy of mine but couldnt get through. If you're referencing my post about the great shell score of last yr (maybe yr prior), that was never sent out as a list iirc. just a random post by someone on here about a ton of shell marked down to $395ish. I'm not even sure if they were seconds, which made it really weird tbh. 
so bummed I do not have a pair of those ravello boots 
On my phone,can't see if there are any more spots available. If so, I'd be in. Thanks
 Halleck looks nice
 such a glorious day. cigar indy and whiskey nst for $900ish total   
as others have stated, if going for one pair, go boots. That's an awesome looking makeup, I'd pay good money for a pair in 11.5
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