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would be in tonight for this. maybe epaulet could put something together
need to get back to carmel, they are very inviting at khakis. I walk in with my GF's two rottweilers and they break out the doggie treats.
 will do. I'm trying to see if I can make it there on friday (if I choose to stay overnight thursday in NYC) this could get very bad for the wallet 
 perfect, thank you. 
gents,   going to be in NE next weekend.. who are the go to guy to stop in on? thinking shoemart, but have no clue how far off the beaten path (assuming I95) they are..   thanks in advance..!
   on my short list of wants
fuuuu I need to getmy beer belly game on point. I've been purposely neglecting tops from EP as I know nothing would fit me appropriately   
 welcome Adam, Hoping one day to order something through you, although I'm currently hindered by my 11.5-12 size foot.
  I would
damp cloth, then dry. brush til warm, then light coat of VSC left done, right not yet started 
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