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    one day they'll be mine again.. one day
cigar WT boot 
 thank you sir for passing my name onto Kathy! She emailed me, I called back within five minutes and processed the order with the gentleman in the shop. GF was not amused, immediately headed to kate spade for a new purse and clutch at their galleria location   
quick pickup, whomever passed on these from DC thanks   
 awesome. my first pair were these, and to this day, they are still my most worn.
 unfortunately not but I'll try and get some. some finishing across the wings, might not photograph  Thanks! Yessir, from Madison's most recent preorder. 
finally had a decent (sunny) day out..    decided to keep these, even though some finish work on both front ends leaves a little to be desired  
just some lowly natty cxl from the last styleforum gmto. slowing dipping into viberg before I attempt their shell offerings.
 yeah I was at the westin, walked by their nearby shop but always after hours. and sadly, yes, my gf is growing tired of "whiskey and ravello this and that".. first pair of vibergs showed up the other day, as I was picking her up at the airport. she was not amused when I kept pulling up a pic on my phone of the 'bergs  
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