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^ yes, on the upper panels
 oh really
Definitely not trying to give alden a slide if not necessary, but with the lighter shades of shell, these types of imperfections might not be avoidable. Or, they'd have to wait even longer to be able to source enough flawless material
aberdeen i thought i read
 looks like a bad acrylic application, has happened before on #8. Alden can fix it, assuming they don't turn down any work on factory seconds
any pics?
pm'd you
I think I'm in the same GMTO.. didn't it get funded already? I thought I was charged for both the grasmere and the brown lindrick, but I could be wrong
My only remaining pair of alden seconds (procured from a member here, years ago) has a Belllerose name stamped on the inside. Definitely possible they've transitioned to standard alden pads nowadays though    
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