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  hmm shoot me a PM when you can about a card holder in this material.. need something for business cards also, unrelated, but got my order of laces and shell keyfob thingy today. awesome products 
 apologies for the poor pic, but the recent J.Gilbert #8 WT is on plaza w/ commando 
agreed :/ 
If you are referring to the just arrive EP natty alt wein, I have 11.5D enroute but might not be keeping them. If you might be interested, PM me and I'll follow back up with you once I get them in my hands and make the determination. Thanks
WOOT already paid my balance earlier
 I have a new pair, pm me and I'll send pics when I get home later if you'd like
interesting to see them use details across multiple pieces. I grabbed a shirt from Woodbury a couple months ago with what appears to be that same button   
lol I just got in front of them and they are sz12
i'll have to check but I think I sized to uk12 on the navy pair, as my other pair of trickers were a little snug at 11.5 (different last tho)   I'll check when I get in front of them. letting them go for $400
not really, a little too big. Shame cause I think they are awesome, but alas, they're for sale
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