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I checked earlier (after the post referencing) and all appeared to be sold out once you try to put into cart
those are your ebay listings? coulda met you in old town and taken some off your hands, bought you a couple beers  
if whomever grabbed the ravello wtboot is on here, please get at me if they dont work out. thanks!
I regret recently selling my whiskey lwb, especially after seeing those pics above   will have to grab a pair again in the future
sorry not sure what you mean? I do still have the ravello PTB in 11.5D which most take if they are a size 12D   
 for shoes   for boots I used their sweater boxes
not at the moment, and I agree. I'm slimming down the collection as it is, so once I'm done I'll most likely incorporate them onto shelves, stacked two high at a time, which will make it easier. I'll be converting a spare bedroom into a walk in so shelving space wont be a concern these containers are nice though a little pricey. you could definitely put a label on the end with a pic or something. The shorter ones have the shoes sitting "right side up" so it's pretty easy...
it's nothing interesting, and honestly, a good bit more work to get pairs out of than I'd prefer but I'm in the midst of a move just two different sized containers from TCS 
 that's a lasting hole and quite common. I bet if I looked through my aldens (and other manuf boots) I'd see a hole on most pair If that's all you saw wrong with the pair, I'd take the discount they offered and roll with them Edit: Grabbed a couple pair nearby, took the 4th pair to not find a lasting mark   
nice cigar NST over on ebay, not so nice price.. looks like they're from leffot, were they a recent run that wasnt announced?
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