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 yea I still have the darker pair from DC with dark edging but I'd gladly pony up for the jcrew version if it ever came around again
that Innsbruck is tempting me now that I know I can pull off 11E on a TB hmmm
 still burns me that they 'lost' my pair in shipping. I've yet to find another pair in 11.5 that has that shade. 
thanks guys, these are keepers now.   sadly, the Modified lasts are going to go back. unique shoe, but don't see me getting any usage out of them still curious who they were originally made for. they have the Foot Balance heel, but just the standard Alden insignia on the inside, nothing noting a specific manuf  
quick update on the TSM seconds that I got that had an oil? stain on the toe     two minutes with an eraser..  
 which makes that random TSM sale of firsts last yr in cigar, ravello, and whiskey at $450 a piece so bizarre anyhow, thanks TSM!
curious what/if you gents would do to try and rectify this dark spot on these TSM irregulars that I just received?       also, any idea who these were made for? Modified last, some type of scotch grain saddle. No makers mark on the insole (other than alden).. would have thought Moulded Shoe but couldn't find anything on their site     minor imperfection on one of the insides of the shoe, hardly noticeable due to the scotch grain
J. Lawrence had EG and G&G
 Haha yes sir, in Carmel CA. Came over for a quick weekend getaway. Love the area, would love to move my business over here.. Sad to see no Alden representation in town, although I did try on some beautiful EGs, just couldn't swing the $1,395 asking price at the time.
Does anyone know the return timeframe policy for TSM seconds? I received two pair on Thursday but am stuck in Carmel until Tuesday morning. From some pics I had sent to me, it looks like both pairs might be going back. Just want to make sure I have enough time. Thanks in advance!
New Posts  All Forums: