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im small potatoes in the EP client realm, but I was drawn to them via interest in Alden and now have a dozen or so pants, handful of shirts, OSC parka and a couple sweaters. Heck I even got a couple purses for my better half from EP. So keeping some core offerings in place should be beneficial (indy, 8 ptb/lwb or boot of some sort)   I'd say keep the shell offerings coming, bump the deposit a bit if you must but the same buyer that forfeits $150 would prolly do the same...
thank you sir, ordered 
on the topic of CXL 403/5s... anyone have a recommendation on an oily nutrient to apply to a pair that have been beat to shit? 
^ yes, on the upper panels
 oh really
Definitely not trying to give alden a slide if not necessary, but with the lighter shades of shell, these types of imperfections might not be avoidable. Or, they'd have to wait even longer to be able to source enough flawless material
aberdeen i thought i read
 looks like a bad acrylic application, has happened before on #8. Alden can fix it, assuming they don't turn down any work on factory seconds
any pics?
pm'd you
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