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not sure if they are new or not, but this brown calf plaza boot from shoemart is looking nice.       
 im sure someone has asked, so sorry for being repetitive, but any ETA on the natty version of this arriving?
 teak shell
leffot most of the time, but either frans boone or bureau belfast have/had it in the past
 BOOM, waiting for me when I got home. EP knocks it out the park yet again wish it was raining out so I could break them in over dinner. thoughts on offering these again, in other colors (I cant remember what other colors were available) 
shoemart emails are out. nothing good on 11.5/12d, as usual
no shell sneaker pics up in here yet huh
I was gonna say the same 
  I need those roughout LWB.. who made them?  TIA!
welp, slim midlands are definitely not buttoning up with a 32waist lol. before trying to exchange, if anyone ITT might take that size, PM me. Otherwise, I'm attempting to change up a size mañana.
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