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^^ beautiful wallet.. loving my #4 from them, need to grab an #8 or black shell at some point
has a black roughout ever been discussed?
 nail polish remover/acetone would work for sure, but as mentioned previously, you'll be likely digging into the factory finish I had a pair of aldens that I wanted to experiment with. bought cheap, had some buildup on the left shoe I wanted to strip down but couldnt seem to get it to the point of the right shoe. Will send to alden to see if they can freshen them back up.. If not, no biggie as I was using these to try out Modified Last to confirm it would...
 yea I sold off all my other CXL. While I enjoyed the ease of conditioning,  I wasn't a fan of the aggressive stretching (imo) 
yeah, I think I could pull off a full size down, maybe one width up, in truB last.. I'd love to grab a cheap pair of 11D or 11E truB boots to try out.  I find these jcrew indys are quite spacious now that they've broken in fully
 havent needed to treat my alpine grain swbs but have absolutely thrown everything I can at my jcrew indys with no ill results.. most scratches rub out with my thumb and spit. if not a little vsc if they hadnt stretched so much they'd prolly be my most worn pair.. now I want to go another .5 down to see if they'll be perfect after they stretch to fit..
RL must be getting annoyed at the bum rush of calls due to the leaked discount.. had an odd convo with them tonight about doing an even exchange (size wise) for my Marlows.. CSR called me out on using the discount, then pulled the expedited exchange option from me and told me I needed to go through the standard exchange channel (not a big deal, but also not what I was quoted immed after receiving my marlows 2 days after the coupon dropped)
  its a Virginia thing
 thumbs up for blue laces in cigar indys 
 if you decide to not keep either pair, shoot me a msg on the other site with your size and price por favor
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