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assuming its just regular VSC, http://www.foresupplyco.com/productDetail.asp_Q_catID_E_48_A_subCatID_E_55_A_productID_E_703_A_ZOES_Venetian_Shoe_Cream_E_ZOES_Venetian_Shoe_Cream
 I'm far from an expert, but I think the two tone look across panels, unless obvious upon opening the box, will be hard to distinguish in regards to a time frame before various tones *might* develop
perfect shade. would love for future lwb/chukka/etc to come in at that color   should anyone with a 12d find them self not needing their pair, my inbox is clear :)
safe to assume no extra stock on those saddle chukkas? 
nice price on the burnished calf alt wein over at epaulet if you're 9 or 10D   if they had 11.5 I'd be all over it
that crepe'ish sole will break in wonderfully, but that knot needs to be stepped up imo 
 For most (myself included), trubalance and barrie are taken at the same size. But trubalance being the most generous size from alden, I could see some maybe going down a width possibly. Regarding resoling, Alden will only resole a shoe with the same sole it came with. An independent cobbler should be able to retrofit a different sole though.
 this, or possibly someone coming in to try on (possibly multiple) sizes, to then turn around and just buy from the internet/other dealers etc.
odd, I've had nothing but great service from both Leffot and Leathersoul (even with only buying 2 and 4 pair, respectively, from them)   cant really recall bad service from any retailer I've interacted with concerning alden. I guess I've just been lucky
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