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got a pic? cant say I've ever seen a pair from alden
yup, just got the call myself. pretty surprising turnaround from the iniital order date
nothing good on 11.5 or 12d lists
http://www.roleclub.com maybe?
If you're referencing the recent black shell PT boot, IIRC it would be around four months. *disclaimer.. not an EP associate and I've had one too many drinks
My only purchase from rodenraywas a gitman shirt back in 2013. No additional brokerage fees or bs involved. Very simple process, utilizing paypal iirc
of course, the only size left  of those Vegeno Calf are in my size.. must.fight.the.urge.     unrelated, but today I ended up locked into a backyard at a property and had to drudge through 6-7 inches of snow today in my 975 crepes from jcrew..Sucked it up at the time and prepared for some elbow grease tonight. Got home, they looked perfect    Did a swipe w/ micro polish cloth, laced them back up and back on the shelf they went. maybe crepe isn't too bad in inclement...
 love the cadets   I get more use out of them than a handful of my exotics 
whiskey wingtip boot cannot get here fast enough
I think #8 tanker with brass eyelets
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