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 agreed. im turning my man card in if I ever get stomped out by a guy wearing uncle nutzo shorts
ahhh if they only hit about an inch lower i'd be currently holding less money
oh jesus alden preorder and EFF tomorrow.   might have to cancel an appt
 perfect outfit, top to bottom. wish I could pull it off but jackets just aren't (sadly) in my wardrobe
if I see one more pair of jcrew ravello LWB posted in here I am going to be forced to overpay for the next pair of 11.5s that come along 
stitching detail makes the middle of the shoe look like bike tread 
im coming for you 
those cigar lwb are    I cant wait for the AOM preorder to come in one day
thank you for this! I'm across the country and dont have a measuring tape. will buy tmorrow and get my order in asap.
soooo went out to the water with the GF today. thought I'd take an artsy photo of my beaters getting beat so to speak..     sweet, a little water is cool and all. but uhh maybe it's time to stop looking at the girls running by in yoga pants and move back from the shore a bit..         soo then I sloshed my way back up the hill and bought the only large enough pair of socks the gift shop had..        the indys surprisingly dried out almost immediately....
New Posts  All Forums: