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 congrats on the daughter! my prayers are with your family that she has a healthy upbringing! if you were 11.5-12, I'd gladly have doubled your current going ebay amount, knowing the reasoning for your taking a step out of the shoe game.
meh, I'd go elsewhere in that price range (for used boots)   more power to the seller tho, and congrats to the buyer for getting what they want
bump with some price drops
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO   feel free to PM anything else you feel like slashing price on :)
beautiful ^^^   I 'know' a guy at florsheim, but sadly he has not line on shell from them..
 even better.. could you grasp the reach that Alden could have in this day and age if they had a dedicated person/team responsible for marketing etc? Clean up the website, trunk shows, similar MTO to what AE does with Allison?, cross marketing with online blogs etc...  Increased exposure would of course make acquisitions more difficult, but could also help with improving QC.. just a rambling thought or two.. someone from Alden, feel free to PM me  
 for a simple calf balm captoe in black, any recc's? very limited usage, so I'm looking at kentwang etc
IIRC, you just clicked a button in the email message body and it 'confirmed' your email 
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