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 apologies for the poor pic, but the recent J.Gilbert #8 WT is on plaza w/ commando 
agreed :/ 
If you are referring to the just arrive EP natty alt wein, I have 11.5D enroute but might not be keeping them. If you might be interested, PM me and I'll follow back up with you once I get them in my hands and make the determination. Thanks
WOOT already paid my balance earlier
 I have a new pair, pm me and I'll send pics when I get home later if you'd like
interesting to see them use details across multiple pieces. I grabbed a shirt from Woodbury a couple months ago with what appears to be that same button   
lol I just got in front of them and they are sz12
i'll have to check but I think I sized to uk12 on the navy pair, as my other pair of trickers were a little snug at 11.5 (different last tho)   I'll check when I get in front of them. letting them go for $400
not really, a little too big. Shame cause I think they are awesome, but alas, they're for sale
I'm interested, with or w/o medallion
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