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 just offloaded a pair this week on here.. hope to see some fit pics one day (as I never got any use out of them)
 enjoy your time in other parts of styleforum. while I didn't really pay attention to any of your posts, or the subsequent backlash, I wish you well 
glad to see my unsubscribing from the Oak Street thread to just bother checking this one was a smart decision, given the last 48 hours or so 
 agreed. my latest acquisition, trade with zr0e. gonna reno them and brush a bit on sunday night during tv. happy to see Van last works well for me  
 you've pretty much summed up my feelings on the matter. I think i'm goin to pull both the lwb and monks down and just keep them. dont need the money, going to just break the lwbs in thx for the feedback!
 That's what I was leaning towards (hence me making the classified ad), but I guess the price is still a little high. I'll let them sit for a bit, then may just get imbulsize and send them off to BNelson thanks for the feedback!
now that I have the #8 LWB antique from leffot on preorder, im at a dilemma as to what to do with my jcrew #8 lwb on crepe that are currently in the marketplace..    do I keep them for a more formal use (albeit with a crepe sole), or get them resoled by B.Nelson with standard dark sole.. My intentions when I got the jcrews were to convert them to the leffots, but now that the leffots will eventually arrive.. im at a crossroad..   keep as crepe convert to dark leather...
 hmmmm interesting..... anything in my sig interest you by chance?
as stated, original. if you're looking to switch things up, hit up B. Nelson
 whew, no battling here as I have you by a couple sizes upwards
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