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 my bad, totally glossed over your listing of size when I asked.. If it were 11.5d, I'd unload my leffot antique trim LWB for you.. You could always grab a standard 975 and sand the trim down. Someone on here did it IIRC. Only thing would the dark welt, but it wouldnt bother me personally. happy hunting and congrats!
what size?
Happy New Years gents! 
I give up lol 
I think 2014 was a dry year for me sadly.. Can't recall any acquisitions..   2015 has the whiskey WT boot on preorder, along with a handful of preorders with DC that I believe I'm too deep on the list for any possibility (cigar lwb, captoe boot ravello).   Not much else I think I'm after at this point. I'd like cigar LWB, newer shade ravello LWB, and maybe a standard captoe #8 boot. Beyond that, I'm looking at picking up a viberg natty cxl boot and a trickers teak boot...
 Madison Alden offered it up as a preorder back in the summer IIRC. small run, maybe 12 pairs I think. Supposed to arrive next fall I believe.
 I don't own a pair (from leffot), but from the pictures, I'd be thinking most likely Trubalance. I have a similar pair of cigar indy on commando from shoemart and they are TB, look very similar to the pair recently posted ITT
no one really advertises the rarer colored shell offerings online anymore. I think leffot had an instagram pic and people emailed them about a preorder
those jcrew lwbs are fire. so bummed my size was 'lost' in transit.. If I can ever get a pair in that shade, sans brass eyelets, I'll likely get them converted
tan leydon chukka i think, some kudu 404s
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