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goodyear sole
im pretty sure thats newyorkislander on here. 
  While I have not had Aram do a speedhook job for me... if it's within the realm of his abilities, I'd recommend no one above him. http://www.ahoneshoes.com
 send me a link for the donation, I'll cover the difference.
appears neither offer #8 tassel. If I run across a site offering discount, will PM you
read earlier that haberdash was offering 20% off with BLACKFRIDAY20. Not sure if they'd have anything in your preferred makeup. also read Kafka over in the UK was doing 15% with KAFKA15   havent' purchased from earlier so YMMV. good luck!
 have you inquired with anyone else about putting together an order? I'd imagine in #8 it wouldn't be too difficult for maybe the NY shop. I'd be down for a pair for sure.
  hmm thank you for both the info on the AE discontinuation of the program, along with some other options. Do we (styleforum) have a vass or enzo bonafe retailer that is open to MTOs?
I need that snuff/#8 saddle. Since EP got shit down from alden, time to see if AE can MTO it Damn you Mike, you enabler
 get a dozen or more people together and approach Epaulet, Leffot, or either the DC or NY Alden shops. Assuming it's not an exotic shell makeup you're after, you might have some luck. What did you have in mind?
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