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 tax season he goes hard with work
 while it does, I think having 5-6 preorders that could all hit at the same time would suck more
lol I don't imagine that Handcuffed really comes for their throats over it..   That being said, I did receive a prompt email back from Leffot and am going to get my 11.5E (but am surprised it's not considered a stock size for them). I'd have thought it would be fairly common, but I digress.   carry on gents!
  yeah, I imagined as such, and would be willing to pay a larger deposit (or in full) if need be. Just seems weird that they (leffot) allocate the way they do, as the larger sizes tend to go immediately, but a random 6E or something sits for awhile. either way, the D width will work, E would just be ideal.
 lol I wish. These are being funded from Namor grabbing my plaza #8 boot and me returning my girlfriends kate spade bag muhahahahahaha
grabbed the 11.5d greenwich, but emailed hoping they can change to 11.5e as I think these will be foul weather, thicker sock, type conditions. fingers crossed they can submit it as an E width
 definitely understand. I think the hand stitching of the shell indys can lead to an odd creasing vs rolling effect on the indys that being said, my left foot #8 shell indy has a 'better' look than the right, although the left is used heavily for clutch work. seems odd, wish I could offset the right somehow * disclaimer that these, along with almost all of my shoes/boots, get minimal to no treatment at all. only my jcrew 403/5 indys get a 'heavy' VSC treatment nowadays 
My initial response was to say let the market dictate value. If someone is willing to pay 1,200$ so be it.     But after reading the ebay link and seeing that the seller ordered three different sizes (presumably to hone in their correct fitment), then flipping the other two pairs for $500+ retail.. mehh
   you were persistent for them haha, glad I was 1. finally able to convince myself that E width plaza is the best way to go, and 2. you were still interested..
XL sold through before I could grab one. If you find it doesn't' work for you, let me know please. thanks!!
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