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^ winning
 I think Kathy is tired of my calls 
 I prefer Woodford Reserve or Elijah Craig myself, but I wont turn down a glass of JD neat
 thank you, sending email to play it safe (first pair of vibergs)  that's what I went with, thank you for the input 
sigh I hope the sizing on that last preorder from a couple nights ago (for the natty cxl boot) are US sizes. otherwise I have a problem
colder temp finally bringing out the boots   
breaking in some RRL and hating life with my only version of cigars  
 awesome, thank you. order placed on the nat cxl. time to dip my feet into some viberg
asked in another thread, but do most take 2030 the same as barrie? I have no reference for viberg as I've never fitted
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