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unworn:   whiskey wingtip boot plaza ravello captoe boot cigar barrie boot - just got these last week RL mccallum chukka whiskey lwb cigar lwb - just got these recently snuff BB boot on crepe from that recent sale     and some other non alden stuff
  http://www.ahoneshoes.com Based out of Northern Virginia, about 20 minutes south of DC. Great guy, dropping off a couple more pairs next week with him.
 will follow you around the internet when you post such great pics lol 
barrie   http://unionmadegoods.com/product/alden-halleck-cordovan-wing-tip-boot-in-color-8-44663/
excellent, thank you for the quick response. I'm comfortable with a little wiggle room, as these would be thick sole application only.thanks!
excuse the question, but do most take 2045 and 2030 in the same size? this thread move so fast and I'm new to viberg.   thanks in advance!!
just cleared my inbox
 everyones indys need a saltwater bath from time to time imo   
 best bet is to contact both Alden DC and NYC and ask to be put on a list. They may tell you you are 4-5+ down the list, but you'll be surprised how people can drop off. If you are close to either shop, try and stop in in person. I feel a face to face goes a long way. In my experience, Alden SF doesn't do rare stuff. The couple times I've gone in, I couldn't throw money at them for almost anything in my size, rare or not (talking indys, suede, etc even). The smaller...
easily $1,200
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