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 Thanks guys, I screwed up on this one so I'll have to unload it. Did EP end up with any extra stock from the last order? I'd like to size one up and see how it works, that way I'm ready for the (hopeful) next GMTO in the future
How did everyone size their heirlooms? concerned I sized way wrong
great start price on the #2. pretty sure that's a SF member, I swear I saw those modified ravello boots for sale here
 Not sure if the pair you quoted are made up differently, but a GMTO just recently got approved to push forward for a pair in brown shell. I imagine getting 12 more together wouldn't be too difficult
not horween, but not sure who their supplier is. I want to say I recently read they had changed/added another supplier, maybe japanese 
meermin shell is around $350 iirc
IMO, they should eat shipping. It just doesn't make sense how far off your two pair look, but I don't know how to make boots
odd. my 11.5s are both 2030 and are pretty damn close  
naval boot from leffot with a resole 
one day.. one day the brassvellos will be back in my possession 
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