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solid job on his part, setting the BIN at an aggressive price to help bump up the bids
might have to head back to philly for this
so much great whiskey being posted lately.. I never cared for it until I recently received LWB and WT boot, but now LHS, ptb, and possibly chukka are all on my wish list
Looks like the leather is torn across the brogue on the right shoe. I'd pass if it is a tear. If it's just a scuff, no worries.
only own one pair of vibergs (natty cxl) but the construction is on par or better than alden, the leather looks thicker (if it matters, idk) I bought the pair of vibergs as they filled a void I did not have with alden (simply, a natty cxl boot)
    one day they'll be mine again.. one day
cigar WT boot 
 thank you sir for passing my name onto Kathy! She emailed me, I called back within five minutes and processed the order with the gentleman in the shop. GF was not amused, immediately headed to kate spade for a new purse and clutch at their galleria location   
quick pickup, whomever passed on these from DC thanks   
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