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after I looked again on my comp, I still feel the left boot (on a person/right in the original photo) had a larger than "alden normal" amount of shift between eyelets. just my opinion, and IIRC, those boots were plaza lasted, of which I have very little experience with now (looking at you namor  )  that being said, I'd be awfully hesitant to send anything back out the states to a retailer, especially if it were a relatively hard makeup to come by.. Had those plaza lasted...
you and me both   I'm trying to hold off on pants etc until I get my weight under control. Too much Corona and spanish food with this new girlfriend lol
 I thought the left boot (right on screen) had some fairly off alignment of that first row of eyelets, but I was looking at it on my phone.
^^^ im the last person that would complain about finishing of aldens, but that pair there would bother me. are they still crooked when they are not on your feet?
those magano trainers    wish I had grabbed them at the same time as the teak
Aram and I spoke about eyelet changeouts the other night when dropping some stuff off. It was either $45 or $85 for 20 eyelets (brass in particular). I'll ask again when I pick my stuff back up next week.
 can only speak for my pair of shell trainers I received this week, but I sized up .5 from my brannock dress size (out of fear that sticking with my brannock size might make them ill fitting). happily, going up .5 is perfect with medium weight socks.
cross post from the epaulet thread  
wore the shell trainers all day, prolly the most comfortable shoe I own. Would love a pair in dark brown too      
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