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 I don't own a pair (from leffot), but from the pictures, I'd be thinking most likely Trubalance. I have a similar pair of cigar indy on commando from shoemart and they are TB, look very similar to the pair recently posted ITT
no one really advertises the rarer colored shell offerings online anymore. I think leffot had an instagram pic and people emailed them about a preorder
those jcrew lwbs are fire. so bummed my size was 'lost' in transit.. If I can ever get a pair in that shade, sans brass eyelets, I'll likely get them converted
tan leydon chukka i think, some kudu 404s
 I assume it's just a last ditch effort before xmas to try and move some product
shoemart seconds lists are out. nothing to write home about in 11.5 and 12D
 yep, it's a shame. My last purchase from their sale was plaza #8 wingtip boots, along with some suede offerings in the sub $300 range.  Nothing this year that catches my eye, especially at those prices
 it will be, but hopefully the cobbler lined up the stitching on the outside of the boot with aldens original stitch line, so cosmetically it will blend back in
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