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I assumed increased demand, across all shades, has forged them to utilize more material, mainly sections that previously would have been saved for black shell or something
Same seller, very easy doing business with (although I wouldve have preferred a better shipping box than the random show box the nsts came in)
 was a shame 
^ sigh.. I wish I could secure a pair of those. heck I'd be willing to go outside of alden if I could get a pair made up
back to the regularly scheduled programming 
 No affiliation with Alden. He's in Springfield, Va, 15 minutes South of DC. If you're in the area, I highly recommend stopping in at Mikes American 1 block away. Their ozzie rolls are amazing, as are the ribs and white chocolate cheesecake 
Nothing but positives for Aram.. He's done a resole on my beater indys, numerous topy/flush toe taps on aldens/c&j, some upper refinishing magic on a pair of #8 alden straight tips, along with a handful of topy's for my gf's boots. He also sourced some leather to help repair my fathers 40+ yr old shoe horn.  I haven't done brass eyelets or antique edges through him, yet, but will be dropping off my black shell EP ryden boots for a conversion to antique/dk brown...
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