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Anyone familiar with what last McCallums are on? I have a new pair I'm going to unload, but they seem to fit a bit more snug than my wt marlows   thanks!
I was able to get a 12E on the #8 wtboot w/ antique edge form b&m, along with an E width unlined ptb #8 in 11.5. I had to pay in full for the wtboot, but the ptb I was only required to put $200 down   Alternatively, you could look at C&J for some offerings. We've been gmto's over on gyw. Have a dundee in the works, a lindrick in brown shell that's hopefully coming to fruition, along with some whiskey offerings
 What size? Full payment upfront, no cancellation option might be accepted from B&M.
two thumbs up to shoemart
ahem ahem.. don't forget your 11.5/12 brethren 
ouch that looks pretty gnarly    I wonder if tacking that side of the tongue to the boot, further up top, might help alleviate any strain on the area that the tear is at. You'd have to adjust how you slip into them, but I do not find it a bother at all on a pair of indys that I did (to prevent the tongue from shifting sideways while walking
has whiskey gianni ever been done? seeing as I'll likely never get my hands on a whiskey indy 
just checked and I was 2 minutes to respond. majority of my work has me in front of my computer so it worked out this time
Mike,   any other color options than khaki in the lightweight twill pant?
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