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 this, or possibly someone coming in to try on (possibly multiple) sizes, to then turn around and just buy from the internet/other dealers etc.
odd, I've had nothing but great service from both Leffot and Leathersoul (even with only buying 2 and 4 pair, respectively, from them)   cant really recall bad service from any retailer I've interacted with concerning alden. I guess I've just been lucky
 agreed! LOVE it there. would be on my short list for retirement location. AND, I cant think of a place where one could try on some EGs while having a rottweiler leashed up a couple feet away, getting fed treats from the SA 
I dont think there is a storefront there. 
alden madison has some green suede makeups iirc
nice markdown on Epaulet oxblood brixton. handful of sizes
^ winning
 I think Kathy is tired of my calls 
 I prefer Woodford Reserve or Elijah Craig myself, but I wont turn down a glass of JD neat
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