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 code died a bit ago 
yeah looks like its dead now, not working on the PCT boot either.   hope my order ships
solid, thank you! waiting to see what comes of this. waiting for the reseller to get back to me tomorrow thank you!
awesome, so now no pics are loading itt.. is it an isolated problem on my end?
can one you fine gentleman with greater alden knowledge explain the '12' on the far right of the pic below? I received this pair of aldens, in the wrong size from what I ordered (on ebay), and am just trying to get my ammunition together with the seller. They are clearly 11D's, but they were listed as 12's (assuming from the 12 on the far right)..   Whats that 12 designate?   Thanks in advance!    
I clearly dump my shell for too little nowadays.. Just a rant, but have others grown tired of trying to sell on ebay and here on SF?  I've put some of my stuff over on GYW and get decent turnaround, but I also tend to price aggressive.. Just curious.
 Rediscover America event http://blog.allenedmonds.com/2014/10/rediscover-america-sales-event-2014/
all three models sold out of all sizes yesterday
In if still room. Need to get sizing down though, only own the teak gmto boot from GYW iirc
Does anyone here own the Lewis chino in olive? Curious how the color is in real life   thanks in advance
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