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im coming for you 
those cigar lwb are    I cant wait for the AOM preorder to come in one day
thank you for this! I'm across the country and dont have a measuring tape. will buy tmorrow and get my order in asap.
soooo went out to the water with the GF today. thought I'd take an artsy photo of my beaters getting beat so to speak..     sweet, a little water is cool and all. but uhh maybe it's time to stop looking at the girls running by in yoga pants and move back from the shore a bit..         soo then I sloshed my way back up the hill and bought the only large enough pair of socks the gift shop had..        the indys surprisingly dried out almost immediately....
Awesome! I passed through Cruz yesterday but didn't stop as too hectic. What do you ride?
I'd skip Santa Cruz and just hit Monterey and Carmel. I could spend half the year there and be completely content. Santa Cruz is cool to walk once, but seems too touristy for me now. Just an opinion from an east coaster with friends in calif that I visit frequently.
 works for me, thanks for the heads up 
ughhhhh I just got the snuff plaintoes from BB with the coupon. I dont need snuff wingtip boot, I dont need snuff wingtip boot. BUT, if Mike handles it like normal and just takes a couple hundred up front, I'd do it lol. As long as this new proposed makeup, EP black shell boot, natty innsbruck, and a preorder from Dayton do not all drop at the same time. That would not be good lol
thank you both To Tie Guy and docalden2013 for the lists. I went ahead and emailed her to see what the options are for 11.5-12 on some models. Hopefully, if orders have not yet been placed on models I'm interested in, I can pay in full upfront and slip my size in.   thanks again!
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