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apologies if it's been posted, but does anyone have a pic of the snuff belt against a pair of snuff from alden?
 sadly, only pic I have as I am across the country atm 
lemme think on it. epaulet has their version marked down pretty well, might just put up the extra cash. I'll be in touch if I lean towards these. thanks!
 how much shipped to VA?
 impossible to answer without knowing what shoe you bought and what your actual foot makeup is. sorry.
my collection pic is definitely the worst taken lol  
seeing those ravello NSTs makes me  that I had to return my pair to shoemart 
shit if I could get $1,100 for my McCallums they'd be on the 'bay tonight
 agreed. Love my pair 
 Did I sell those to you? I sold a pair on here but have never seen anyone post up pics. Looking good!
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