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^ cost for the conversion?   thanks in advance
  false alarm, I forgot I ordered some guacho tramping shoes from them 
what ever came of the shell sneakers?
 I did just that last month, sold off the grant cigar captoe for a barrie pair. barrie fits me better
just paid my balance on this, does that mean they are now shipping?
evening @Epaulet  ....   cant remember seeing an update on the cordo trainers.. i *believe" I have a preorder in on it, but am drawing a blank with my. Can you confirm if I'm on the preorder? If I am, can you possibly give an approximate date for arrival? no rush,, just curious..       thanks! Kevin
I look at my $300ish McCallums from the employee code leak and wish I'd have grabbed a couple other pairs.. don't think we'll see that again :/
fuuuu I need to lose some serious weight. too many things I want but cannot fit into
does alden have any TX retailers?
 indeed. nothing worthwhile on 11.5/12D lists today
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