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 I thought these sold? I've definitely eyeballed them (if these are the pair I remember from a couple weeks ago)
so mad that jcrew lost my pair of those ravello LWBs above.. absolute perfect shade of ravello imo   hopefully one day I'll stumble across a pair of 11.5s 
I like the bleed personally, but these boots are not pampered at all  
 agreed. would buy now
would love a pair of white trainers in sz12.. if the website doesn't show that size in stock, is it safe to assume the west coast shop doesn't have them? 
 really wish they carried larger sizes.. numerous makeups I'd happily pull the trigger on but anything above 11 typically isnt ordered (from what I'm told)
 alden NYC just shipped them not sure about another run though
 perfect need these
 awesome, thank you! Will have to hop on a preorder in the future
all this unlined talk has me wondering about unlined shell PTBs... is such a thing a thing? I tend to focus on boots/chukkas, slowly working into shoes..    TIA
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