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  while I do not have these specific boots, I have suffered from the dreaded tongue shift on my indys. I had my local cobbler (since replaced, but not due to this job) stitch the tongue. The matching up of the stitch line could have been neater, maybe shorter, but it get's the job done (and these are my beaters so it's no concern cosmetically) 
Thank you, email sent to the contact@... address with my size, just in case. Thanks!!!
 ah I see, my apologies. Form submitted. I assume size confirmation will come later (a la the Black shell shitkicker?) Sorry for clogging the thread with all the questions, just excited to finally see these things come to fruition
^^ if that last pair are the buckle backs that retailed at $340, I grabbed a pair. less copper colored than on the website, more standard brown
 eek i remembered I have the white/grey trainers in 12.5... will the shell models size up to 12.5 or is 12 the max length? Also, I think there's a wording error on the order form, below, I assume that should be worded for buyers only interested in one set of trainers?  Details for Trainer #1Do not respond if you do not want any Shell Cordovan Trainers  
  I'm assuming these are TTS brannock? Now to decide, teak or mogano..
shell trainer looks bonkers.. 
respect to those that keep proper shoe/boot organization. I, on the other hand, let things fall wherever they may lol        
does anyone offer something similar to this below? AoM doesn't have my size unfortunately  
 agreed. As long as it comes antique welt, I'm happy. And hopefully not as dark as what DC got in yesterday.. very close to #8/black from the pic I saw
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