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any word on new denim? hoping to grab a pair before a trip i have coming up
 I like TZ laces from amazon. just ordered another pair last week
 have never received (nor asked) for a tracking order, but I'm only 30 minutes south of them so packages typically arrive next day
looks similar to a recent Moulded Shoe offering http://www.mouldedshoe.com/anewarrivals.html
 i will say, he is hands down the quickest to respond to email. 
similar response i received. just kinda assumed that was how it is there
unsuccessful in finding a cigar LWB on antique sole in 11.5D, but did stumble across a brown soled version at Alden SF.. feel free to have at it if inclined.
website stated ML 
One pr of cigars kopped. Might need those navy's too
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