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   I sold off a whiskey NST awhile ago and regretted it.. I'll give these a shot and if they don't fit, will offer them up to the community here like always. Thanks for the heads up! 
Pretty sure epaulet offers one once or twice a yr
I'll be adding myself later. I'd like to size up on the pair I have.
Nst is hand stitched on toe, requires more skill and time. Only a handful of associates are skilled to do that job
that warlow above is looking nice. If I sized appropriately on my whiskey PTB that we're waiting on, i'll definitely be in for a warlow 3.0
 try and get your hands on a pair in modified last
 ?not following..
if trubalance is an option, I'd go 11.5E personally. atleast for me, cxl boots have stretched a lot (11.5d)
brownvello and whiskey
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