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all three models sold out of all sizes yesterday
In if still room. Need to get sizing down though, only own the teak gmto boot from GYW iirc
Does anyone here own the Lewis chino in olive? Curious how the color is in real life   thanks in advance
If those are not shoemart seconds, they (alden) should definitely refinish them. it would be absurd of them (alden) to say no, as it appears its just another of the many documented cases of the finish flaking off. I have atleast one pair here exhibiting it.   If they are shoemart seconds, I'd imagine you could still contact alden directly and arrange to have them refinished. Who knows the cost.
^^^   wouldnt be surprised if those are the pair I sold, or were picked up from LS when I got mine under their Last Pair column. they've been on ebay for a bit now
 it is. "we" do one over on the GYW page every couple months https://www.reddit.com/r/goodyearwelt/comments/3hzhl1/the_collections_thread_082215/
   heading over to the trickers thread
all this talk of worn/unworn has made me wonder, has there been a collection thread on here in awhile? Cant recall the last one I've seen..   We just had one over on GYW. Love it as it opens me up to new models etc that I'd possibly never have seen..   Is there a link on SF for a collection thread (presumably link to a folder/imgur)?
oof I dont think I can resist this.   is there a page set up for the specifics? I'm limited in my Trickers sizing, need to make sure I'm confident fitment wise.   TIA!
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