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I hope you don't mind me bumping this, I'm a big fan of neckties myself and love to see other people's favourites. Here are some of mine: A green houndstooth design, and quite a slim tie. It looks absolutely gorgeous with a light blue shirt and charcoal suit. I just don't want to overwear it because I KNOW I'll end up going off it It's a pink/white/blue stripe from Paul Smith. Unfortunately, that picture makes it look rather odd in shape, and the knot is...
Hi, I know it's meant to be the middle of summer over here in England, but it's been raining all week, and it's got me thinking about my Autumn/Winter purchases - number one on the list is still a nice overcoat, my current one is rather too cheap and cheery, and doesn't rate particularly high on the tasteful/durable/stylish scale. The real criteria are: - fits a 36/38 chest size - is formal enough to wear with a suit - dark navy/black Apart from that, it can be...
I'm liking the looks so far (except for the navy suit with light blue pinstripes - I've never liked that type of fabric). It's always nice to see someone who looks effortlessly good in suits in a position to wear all of the finest ones available
In a way, this is actually good news for everybody involved, most notably for you! Well done on getting attention stores, I hope you'll be able to provide us with more information as to your stockists as and when you are allowed?
Quote: Originally Posted by mishon I respectfully disagree. Thanks for your suggestions though. And I'm sure the rest of this forum will (dis)respectfully disagree with you - there is nothing particularly elegant about a black dress shirt. For a more casual event, yes, for business or some such - NO I saw someone today wearing a black suit, black shirt and black tie with a massive windsor knot. I actually got angry.
Hi, I know these 'help me match a tie with a shirt' etc. topics are exceedingly annoying, so I'll try to keep mine brief. I recently purchased a green houndstooth style tie (no idea why, spur of the moment ) Anyway, I have attached two pictures below, and would be interested in hearing what shirts you think it would go well with - aside from white. Many thanks indeed, Dep
I'm fairly sure this forum doesn't consider a full windsor knot to be the most formal: in fact, I'm fairly sure the knot of choice here is indeed the four-in-hand
I'd also recommend a gingham in blue, though that's probably not Top 4 overall
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I'm not sure whether to call you out on your underlining bigotry or your glaring hypocrisy... Hate to point out your own hypocrisy, but it's "underlying" not "underlining" Don't take this post seriously by the way, it is meant in jest
Every piece is a real tie, yet they're 8 feet high? Does he use the BFG's ties or something
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