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Looking forward to it. Loved the last suit but most of the picture appears to have vanished
Hi, I was looking through my wardrobe today and realised that I am severely lacking in the gingham department (one tattered old blue one). I am looking to buy a few new gingham shirts, in whatever colour (blue is a must, other colours are still possible). I am looking to keep them RTW and not *too* expensive, I am in the UK and my neck size is 14.5 / 15. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Any chance you can repost the picture so I can see what it's like? I may indeed want to buy some if they're as nice as I've been led to believe.
If you're in Europe, as has been said already, it's not AS big an issue, though I still find it hard enough to find nice 36's. D&G have loads in 34
Do RL still not ship to the UK?
I've measured myself and am so close to taking the plunge - I'm just very nervous about getting the results wrong, particularly as I eventually want to place a bulk order of about 4/5 suits. Need to calm my nerves
Is there any chance we can have a picture of the whole tie, so we can see how the different colours look against one another? Many thanks
Gah, I can't work out whether I like it or not I'm very tempted
Thanks, it really caught my attention. I like in particular how it's been orientated so that Napes is more or less in the centre
Just ordered this Rubinacci pocket square: Also purchased a green houndstooth tie, surprisingly nice
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