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Quote: Originally Posted by arnach Unless you are in design, who gives a shit about your business card? This is useless vanity at its peak. Mines white on some sort of card stock, with black letters on it, and a logo. Lots of people do. If I had a prestigious job paying a salary that could justify such expenses (let's home when I'm older than 17 I do ), I know I'd like to have a business card that means business.
As has been said, depending on what you're after, Smythsons and Page offer fantastic quality business cards, and fulfil the "expensive" part of this topic title too! They better be around in 5 years when I graduate EDIT: And does anyone have a link to a nice fancy business card holder? Just to show off even more
Do any necktie makers sell knits with different coloured dots on each tie? Mrmax posted a lovely Kilgour recently that had white, pale pink and aquamarine dots alternating on a navy knit tie, it was gorgeous.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay1111 Kinda confused now. Am i being patronized? I'm not looking for anything contemporary/flashy. Both are a more classic fit, as opposed to the more euro Boss Red label (I tried one of those on in grey/brown). I guess the Boss is flat front in the pants, and the HF is pleated. You're not being patronised, haganah is, and for good reason: don't go for Hugo Boss is possible. I own one HB suit and whilst it...
Well, I agree with the sentiments - I'm not a fan of three button jackets myself, I can just about tolerate a 3-roll-2. But, hey, that's not to say they're out of style
I wouldn't wear any of them, but #1 is the only one which doesn't make me feel a little dead inside.
I prefer the aesthetics of your current model, but the Millennium Portugese is indeed a holy grail - go for it, and let me take the other one off your hands for a very good price
A nice post from iron_ball, but it's worth noting that this topic started nearly two years ago
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf What? If you read that paragraph out loud, it's just noise. Also, the tie is -1 regardless of environment. Haha, so true, on both counts. I've never liked that style of tie...
Jason, when roughly do you expect to roll-out the new website, presumably to feature all the fabrics/cuts/features available? I'm *this* close to ordering. EDIT: Oh and can we take measurements from jackets/trousers which fit us well, or do you recommend body measurements?
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