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Yeah, Boateng calls his stuff Bespoke Couture despite it not being bespoke, that's his fault, not John's. The canvassed issue, however, is his fault
Calvin Klein Collection is the high-end range, and I have a light grey suit from them, which retailed at $1100. The fit is incredible, as is the fabric, and the trousers are the nicest of all the suits I own - but there are noticeably cheap elements such as the unpleasant plastic buttons
Quote: The only thing surprising is that anyone who isn't an MD has time to tend to a home life My friend's dad is an MD at a bulge bracket investment bank's London office, and - whilst he rakes in obscene amounts of money (by the current exchange rate, over $1m a year before bonuses) - he works far too much and is hardly ever home, so I'm told. Perhaps it's different in the US, but here in the UK it seems that MDs hardly have the time to tend to a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Meh. This seems more like your issue than theirs. I went to an Ivy... I've played this both ways, and you can't really win with some people. If you just come right out and say it, these same people that mock the "faux modesty" will mock the "outspoken arrogance." You sound like one of these people. He's quoting the article dear, calm down.
Any news on whatever this is
My eyes are seriously damaged now, how about you spend money on my eye surgery instead?
Sell some more of your suits please
[insert generic post]
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Haha, I wish. The GBP exchange as it is right now it's a bit difficult to justify, but I do have quite a few Spencer Hart suits. Their silhouette has shortened these last two years making their current RTW very attractive to me. I have a lot of Chans but I have other stuff too. Spencer Hart, Jil Sander, Miu Miu, Thom Browne, Dries van Noten etc. I need variety, I have a very short attention span. I'm so...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw I would love her business card: Hehe, I assume you mean the fact that her name is "Sue Yoo", which can be read aloud as "Sue You" (if you'll forgive the cursory racism), and she's a lawyer
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