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Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon I would say that's completely unacceptable for business, for more reasons than just the lapel. Also, I've always thought that London had a much more formal dress code than the Street. Most banks in the US are business casual (although Lehman and Bear are business formal 24/7). Apologies for this seemingly random bump, but I was looking at Spencer Hart topics on here and stumbled across this gem....
I suppose it's unfair to reserve items if people are willing to pay up front, but I'd be very interested in trying on both suits when you're in London, if this is at all possible.
Hi, I'm just wondering if you think this combination works? It's a bit dark, perhaps, but to my untrained eye it doesn't look bad. It's being paired with a charcoal suit and some dark brown shoes. Your thoughts? Thanks.
Classics, yes, but I'm finding it strangely hard to match ties to my gingham shirt. I have a feeling that solids and, to a lesser extent stripes are the way to go, but it is still causing me some issues. What would the good people of SF recommend to wear with a fairly large and pale gingham?
Nothing particularly special, but some nice new blue shirts. Top-left: Dark blue bengal stripe Top-right: Mini-check blue (very mini) Bottom-left: Pale gingham Bottom-right: Solid pale blue.
Quote: Originally Posted by tchoy How about a Glasshutte-oringinal Senator Sixties Chrongraph? It's an elegant watch yet sporty and dressy. I second this recommendation. I'd love you to get one, PG, so we could see some fantastic photographs of it in the WAYWT topic
When do we get to see your new collection Charles? I can hardly wait. Ah, late September. I love the blue stripe there, I'm currently trying to convince myself that I can spend £50 on a tie when I'm only 17...
I think the real question is: are you a cunt?
I can't work out how to wear them with an angled breast pocket
I was searching for PoW suits this very minute, and your thread was submitted no less than 10 seconds after I searched. My heart nearly stopped. Unfortunately, it's far too big for me, so the search continues The suit looks lovely though, best of luck with the sale.
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