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I feel bad, 'cos I kind of like the tie too. I think it would look nice in summer, but I doubt I'd have the testicles to wear it
Well? I'm definitely sticking to a white (or possibly a very pale blue) shirt, but I'm lost in terms of tie colours. Any hints? Thanks
Have to agree with Strafe; I'm far from fussy when it comes to films, and (so?) I enjoyed the film at face value. The plot was fairly flimsy compared to Casino Royale, but I liked it nonetheless.
Quote: Originally Posted by Christofuh David Miliband (possible future Prime Minister of the UK). See the resemblance?
Yeah, I'm a big fan of Paul Smith myself, I own rather too many items of his tbh
Paul Smith do a lot of lifestyle-related things. Formal- and casual-wear, dressing gowns, calculators, cards, shoes, furniture, fragrance etc.
I'm very tempted to go for the 38R, just a bit wary about the jacket length
If they sell for $190, I wouldn't expect to sell them on SF for more than $90, but good luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pengranger This is my Breitling Navitimer "The Red Arrows" - limited edition of 200. This is my everyday watch. Lovely. I am in the market for one with a white face, no luck so far though
I think you'll have a hard time selling a unique (and hard to wear) jacket like that for such a high price. Good luck though, it does look quite nice.
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