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Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 YOu'd have thought that the British PM would be better than that. Afraid not. All he wears are poorly-fitting navy suits and bland solid ties (with awful knots). He doesn't make me proud to be British
Changeable buttons would be very underwhelming. It must be something more 'revolutionary'.
Just curious. I wore mine to a black tie event recently and it sat about half way between the bottom stud and the regular button beneath it. But, when I took the jacket off (gasp!), it looked a bit high. Should it be just above the first 'normal' button? Thanks Can't quite work it out. Thanks
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Probably going to get slated for this, but my dinner jacket trousers do not have buttons to attach braces/suspenders to. Would it be okay to stitch buttons on myself? (Eeep...)
Hi, I was wondering if UK users (or those familiar with UK retailing) know the best places for me to purchase everything needed in a black tie ensemble? I'm fairly confident in where I'll be purchasing the dinner jacket and trousers from, but in terms of dress shirts / studs / braces / waistcoat / shoes, where do you recommend? I've seen lovely onyx studs in Thomas Pink, but I'm willing to bet that will be frowned upon here, so all recommendations will be greatly...
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmyoneill It could pay off to make some Old Boy or Oxbridge ties for Ex-Pats. I'll second the calls for Oxbridge ties. The ones sold by the Oxford University shop are polyester :S
As nice as that is, PG, I don't see where it fits in with the theme of the contest
This sounds identical to "sub-fusc", worn by students at Oxford University during matriculation, exams etc. It is, as with "academic white tie", a dark suit, white shirt, white bow tie, gown and mortar board (those black caps that students always throw into the air after graduation ) I'm guessing that it's not all too uncommon during graduation ceremonies, but I think very few universities make you wear it as frequently as Oxford do. Holdfast will no doubt elaborate
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